Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Remote Places "tell the timeless story of falling in love, falling out of love, falling back in love, and..." with Branko Jakominich-directed "It All Comes Back to You" (Box Theory Records)

"["It All Comes Back to You"] has a miles-deep atmosphere of layered synths and drum machines that sucks you in while the love and empathy of the lyrics bubbles to the surface. It's enveloping and all-encompassing, sending you deep in the same way The Church's "Under The Milky Way Tonight" sends you into orbit,'" Philly's WXPN The Key enthusiastically wrote about Pink Skull founder Justin Geller's latest 80's New Wave-leaning project, Remote Places. Geller's debut solo endeavor, Nights and Weekends EP, has already drawn early stylistic comparisons to The Cure, New Order, and The Smiths, as well as a bit more contemporary artists like The National, Washed Out, and Wild Nothing; or even more befittingly self-described as sounding "like the soundtrack to a modern day re-make of The Breakfast Club. (Sometimes)." Justin Gellar recruited a gaggle of local Philadelphia area friends and musicians for his 5-song Box Theory Records EP including Pissed Jeans drummer Sean McGuinness, Pink Skull band mate Julian Grefe, Mikele Edwards, Mike Hammel, and Kurt Vile's long-time engineer Jeff Zeigler, who was brought in to help co-produce and record their first extended play.

Although he previously told The Witzard upon Nights and Weekends' May 13th wide-release that "Mark Robinson of Teen Beat Records and Unrest/Flin Flon was contacted to see if he could help establish a visual direction for the project, and also signed on to produce the first video," it appears as though Geller decided to take a slightly different direction... Bullett Media premiered Remote Places' "wistful, whimsical animated video" for "It All Comes Back to You" Tuesday morning. Justin Geller briefly described "It All Comes Back to You"'s visual direction and full-circle treatment within its YouTube video description as a grainy "re-imagination of "Portret Niewierny" by Polish animator Ewa BibaƄska. Branko Jakominich (of MODERN MOTHERS) edited the original to humorously tell the timeless story of falling in love, falling out of love, falling back in love, and falling out of love again." Geller-led Remote Places' 1980's-indebted debut EP, Nights and Weekends is currently available for purchase or streaming from a number of online digital retailers by way of Philly-helmed imprint Box Theory Records.

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