Thursday, August 9, 2018

GooGiE Shares Cosmic Sophomore Album Floating Polygons Prod. By Headtrip, Blockhead, Raisi K. FAWWN & More (we are the karma kids)

The Witzard regulars may recognize Googie's name (sometimes, spelled "GooGiE") from "Innate Communication" from Henry Canyons' 2018 Album of The Year contender, Cool Side of The Pillow. Googie & Henry, actually, previously collaborated on a we are the karma kids' 2016 non-album single entitled "The What Ifs," which was later remixed by BRZOWSKI/Vinyl Cape affiliate and beat-maker C MONEY BURNS as #Goth Dancehall-tinged C$ Burns "Nocturnal Twinz" Remix. NYC/NJ-based emcee Googie is a member of Lt Headtrip's East Coast Hip-Hop crew, we are the karma kids AKA karma kids and has issued a number of releases on the crew's in-house label since first joining forces around 2013; Googie's karma kids releases include singles "All The Pretty Lights" & "Champion Sound," 2013 mixtape The Logic Is Sound, BALD AFRO with Lt Headtrip, and his 2016 debut full-length, 'Tis What 'Tis. Googie has since appeared on a number of his fellow label-mates' releases, such as MC Eleven & The Karma Kids' Kombinations, Headtrip's Comedy of The Filthbeast, OLD SELF's Word Art Gallery, LNYCHPIN's 2017 cross-label full-length, Gruff Lion's death or evolution, and Duncecap's Human Error. Just this past Saturday, August 4th Friday, August 3rd, ahead of a birthday show at New York's GOLD SOUNDS BAR, Googie decided to suddenly surprise-release his sophomore album, Floating Polygons on we are the karma kids.

Floating Polygons features 12 spacey Hip-Hop tracks produced by the likes of Raisi K. Esseks, Cousin Gabriel, Headtrip, Blockhead, General FX, Sifu, Wes Wax, Octopi Hip Hop, and FAWWN. "While Googie invites his listener to join him on his journeys, he features no other vocalists on the record, including only two light-hearted intermission tracks by comedians Phill Hunt & Matt Pavich," we are the karma kids explains within a recent press release. Floating Polygons is a free-spirit, free-associative Cosmic Hip-Hop album, at times, reminiscent of both Flatbush Zombies and Mr. Muthaf***in' eXquire, as well as The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. I'm fully aware Floating Polygon's 12 tracks are produced by 10 separate producers, however, it feels like such a cohesive on-theme album; this is likely, due in part to mastering engineer Joel Gutman, as well as Headtrip's mixing work at Karma Kids Studios, Karmastoria, NY. Comedic interludes "Phill's Osophies" and "Matt Pavich Standards" featuring Phill Hunt & Matt Pavich, respectively, really do a great job helping break up Floating Polygons and giving the record some room to breathe, much like Hip-Hop skits of the late 90's/early 2000's. Googie's brand spankin' new music video for Sifu-produced "Molecules" premiered yesterday afternoon at The Deli Magazine and can now conveniently be viewed below. Googie's Floating Polygons is currently available to stream, download, or purchase on CD (salt crystals NOT included) exclusively at we are the karma kids' Bandcamp page. "QUASARS!!!"

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