Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Deadeyes Return with "No More Later / Narco" Music Videos Filmed Live at The Boom Room In Philly (Paddy Wax Productions)

Philly's own Soul-Punk trio The Deadeyes are the self-proclaimed musical love-child of The Black Keys and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Its founding members, vocalist/guitar playerPatrick "Paddy" McHugh, violinist John Coursey, and drummer David McMullin have previously played with the likes of Grubstake, High Hearts, The Mikroknytes, and Connie Chung. The Deadeyes have been featured on concert bills in support of The Dead Milkmen, Dean "Clean" Sabatino's Milkmen side-project I Think Like Midnight, Cheap Dinosaur, Dischord Records signees Alarms & Controls, and many more seminal Punk/Hardcore bands. Since 2013, The Deadeyes have self-released singles "Letters Left to Write" (Live On Y-Not Radio) and "Why Would She Love Me?" as well as Joe Reinhart-produced Demonstrationals & Remixes, Cover Songs EP, and their latest effort, "No More Later / Narco." Recorded and mixed by Aaron Martinez & Sean Ferguson for bits AND waves, "No More Later / Narco" is a raucous Double A-side featuring stripped down Indie Rock-evocative, bass-less rhythms and a sneering Punk/Hardcore ballad deeply reminiscent of The Ramones, The Dirtbombs, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and The Replacements. Now, nearly four months after the initial digital release of "No More Later / Narco," The Deadeyes have returned with two live videos to accompany their latest 2-track Double A-side.

Patrick McHugh, John Coursey & David McMullin captured the stark black-and-white footage at The Boom Room in Philly last August, which was then, mixed (audio) by Eric Bogacz of Spice House Sound and edited (video) by long-time collaborator and graphic designer Derek Morton. When asked about "No More Later / Narco" Live at The Boom Room, drummer David McMullin (@PreemieD) said, "those two tunes, in particular, took a while to mutate into their final form and [there] are more moving parts and space in them than a lot of the stuff we'd done previously." "Narco" & "No More Later" were actually, filmed during the same sessions as previously released Boom Room videos "Everything You Ever Read," "Telephone Message from Franky Z," and "Beautiful Day." "We were really trying to demonstrate that our sound is a live, real, "organic" phenomenon, and not at all dependent on "studio tricks." We wanted to do something visually straight-forward and really, focus on the audio recording and mixing, which was a very detailed process in his case and turned out sounding wonderful," guitarist and vocalist Patrick "Paddy" McHugh continued. The Deadeyes' next show is Sunday, August 12th at John & Peter's in New Hope, Pennsylvania in support of Naughty Clouds. Paddy tells The Witzard The Deadeyes plan to re-enter the studio this Fall "to cut a few more new tracks" for their "No More Later / Narco" follow-up.

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