Friday, December 13, 2019

Swamp Dogg Unveils "Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg" Feat. Justin Vernon, Jenny Lewis, & Channy Leaneagh (Joyful Noise/Pioneer Works Press)

Jerry Williams, Jr. has been consistently been recording and releasing music since 1962 under his given name, as well as Little Jerry, The Detroit Magnificents, and most notably, Swamp Dogg. The Guardian once went as far as to lamented that "Swamp Dogg [was] the Soul genius that time forgot" within a 2006 feature. Swamp Dogg has since cemented himself as an "Outsider" Soul/Funk and has released at least 26 original albums. Swamp received a bit of a career resurgence with his 2018 album, Love, Loss & Auto-Tune was was produced by Indie/Electronic Rock mastermind, Ryan Olson. Olson is, in fact, an affiliate of Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon and has played in a number of critically-acclaimed bands, including, but not limited to GAYNGS, Marijuana Deathsquads, Mel Gibson & The Pants, Poliça, and Jason Feathers with Vernon himself. Love, Loss & Auto-Tune, as its title suggests, found Swamp Dogg embracing modern Auto-Tune technology, as well as a slightly more experimental production style/sound provided by Olson and his cohorts.

Swamp Dogg & Ryan Olson have once again joined forces for Love, Loss & Auto-Tune's follow-up, Sorry You Couldn't Make It. In addition to Olson, Sorry You Couldn't Make It features a crack studio band consisting of keyboard virtuoso Derick Lee, Nashville guitar phenom Jim Oblon, and frequent collaborator Moogstar, and special guests Justin Vernon, John Prine, Jenny Lewis, Channy Leaneagh & Chris Beirden from Poliça, and Sam Amidon. Lead sing(g)le, "Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg," features lush piano melodies from Vernon and backing vocals from Jenny Lewis & Channy Leaneagh. Swamp Dogg & Ryan Olson's newly-minted 14-piece recorded Sorry You Couldn't Make It at Nashville, Tennessee's Sound Emporium. Swamp Dogg's Sorry You Couldn't Make It will see a wide release on Friday, March 6, 2020, via Joyful Noise/Pioneer Works Press. Limited edition vinyl and CD pre-orders are now available directly from Joyful Noise Recordings.

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