Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Honorary Roots Member: Aaron Livingston - "I Admit" (Bandcamp Loosie)

Philly Reggae-Soul singer Aaron Livingston has laid down some vocal tracks for 2 separate Roots albums, The Tipping Point (2004) and their latest effort, undun. Therefore making Livingston an "Honorary Roots Member" and putting him amongst the [fine] company of John Legend, Mos Def, Blu, Dice Raw, Sugar Tongue Slim, and Peedi Crakk. Aaron Livingston's most recent full-length project, an RJD2-produced album titled The Abandoned Lullaby was released back in Fall 2011. While Livingston's solo discography may appear to be pretty "scattered," he's also recorded tracks with Hot Sugar, The Mean, Young Vipers, and Hezekiah... as well as Greatest Hits, Vol. -1. That aforementioned "Odds & Sods" compilation album is available for $5.00 (FREE) download over at Bandcamp, along with a slew of slightly-dated, yet fleshed out loosies.

"I Admit" was unveiled on Thurs. May 3rd, but kind of cast aside in the wake of MCA's sudden passing. It's a Soulful Illadelphia-bred Blues jam with a touch of added Reggae-fied Funk. Aaron Livingston leaked the track via his Bandcamp/Soundcloud pages and it's unclear where it will eventually end up. But Livingston recently revealed on Twitter that he's currently trying to compile a second Greatest Hits collection: Vol. 0... which has been imminently shelved "due to [Livingston] sleeping all day for 2 days." Sans any official announcement, I'm personally hoping to hear a full-length from Young Vipers sooner than later! Aaron Livingston formed the group with producer, Hot Sugar sometime between November-June 2011, quietly debuting at The Roots Picnic that very Summer.

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