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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Four Tet - "gravediggaz SID rmx 2000?" (Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide)

Fresh on the heels of collaborative full-length albums with Omar Souleyman and Neneh Cherry, Post-Rock and Electronic multi-instrumnetalist Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) unleashed about 10-15 tracks upon hitting 100,000+ Twitter followers Monday evening; "let me go through the hard drives and see what's there..." The bulk of the tracks included on what we'll just call Twitter 100k CD-R, for the sake of convenience, were all written-recorded between 1999-2012, according to Hebden's calculations. Four Tet then continued to liberate a generous batch of rarities and unheard remixes, which includes but isn't limited to solo fragments, on-again-off-again pseudo-band Percussions, and Welsh musician David Wrench, as well as a Grimes re-work and separate Atoms for Peace and Gravediggaz remixes. "gravediggaz SID rmx 2000" is a slightly glitched-out remix of "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide" from their 1994 Horror-core debut record, 6 Feet Deep (link below). It's pretty safe to say that Kieran Hebden was inadvertently years ahead of Girl Talk's genre-blending mash-up grafting sound; "SID rmx" quite honestly sounds like an off-pitch jumbled mess, but somehow, it works out perfectly! Four Tet stumbled his way into uncharted Wu-Tang sonic ground, Electro-Dance, which has gotta be hard to do since RZA is such a seamless Hip-Hop/Rock/Soul/Jazz innovator. All 12-15 recently unearthed, Twitter-released tracks are either available online via @FourTet's original hyper-links or in a handy-dandy little Soundcloud playlist over at Self-Titled Mag's site. Here's a Psychedelic-infused clip from recent Hebden collaborator and Middle Eastern super-star, Omar Souleyman, who's actually a successful former wedding singer, in his own right.

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