Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll Be There for You: HAIM - "If I Could Change Your Mind" (Columbia Records)

"The way to my heart: the Vanity 6 shuffle, @HAIMtheband," Tonight Show bandleader and Roots drummer Questlove Tweeted mere hours after "If I Could Change Your Mind"'s late night release. Multi-instrumentalist sisters Alana, Danielle & Este Haim did in fact work alongside esteemed choreographer Fatima Robinson and director Warren Fu. For those of you who have been living under a rock these last few years, HAIM could essentially be likened to a Hip-Hop & R&B-infused all-female version of Fleetwood Mac; they've previously collaborated with A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, and Kid Cudi on wax [record]. The fifth commercial single pulled from their debut Days Are Gone, "If I Could Change Your Mind" is a moody oftentimes dimly-lit affair, which kinda resembles an old Soul Train sound stage. Inter-splicing back and forth between synchronized dance sequences and two separate performance clips, Warren Fu has effectively created one of the most simple, yet well-executed music videos I've seen in the past 6-8 months. While they were formed back in 2006, HAIM are finally starting to win the hearts of middle American teens and twenty-somethings... But I'm not even ashamed to admit that my girlfriend and I are catching HAIM's sold out Tower Theatre (Philly) show this upcoming May, and I couldn't be more excited about it! It'll be interesting to see if the Haim sisters will attempt to execute any of their recent viral covers live; Beyoncé, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

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