Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SSENSE & Surface to Air Present: Chromeo, HAIM & Napoleon Dynamite - "Old 45's" (Last Gang)

It all starts out innocently enough, at a Road House-stye "dive bar" that's seemingly located out in the middle of the desert; Dave 1 seductively croons, "if you think romance is dead and gone, found an old jukebox full of 45's, pop a nickle in it, and it all comes back to me" at "Old 45's" gorgeous dark-haired protagonist. Chromeo multi-instrumentalist P-Thugg can be seen seated by himself up at the bar, where our leading lady eventually settles, and in certain frames, sisters Danielle, Este & Alana Haim are seated alongside Dave 1 in a booth. "You know what? I tried out these new pants. I didn't think I'd like 'em... thought they'd be a little bit too tight. But hey, I'll tell ya... I kinda like the way they grip me," laments our cocktail-pouring bartender, right before a sensual bar-top dance routine suddenly breaks out. And before too long, yet another dance routine erupts, as the lights dim down and Dave 1 sings directly to our mysterious leading lady. The camera abruptly pans over to the dive bar's light-stricken front door and Jon Heder, who seems to have been cast as a slightly aged Napoleon Dynamite-esque character, awkwardly enters. Heder approaches the bar as the mini-movie pauses and "Ezra's Interlude" faintly plays in the background; he clumsily attempts to spit game at our brown-eyed temptress and somehow, manages to start a ridiculously splat-stick bar fight. She and Heder quietly sneak out the front door hand-in-hand, while Dave 1 & P-Thugg duck under a nearby table, making sure not to scuff up their spiffy Surface to Air FW14 Collection duds. Chromeo's nearly flawless retro/future Electro-Funk album, White Women is currently available for your listening pleasure on their Toronto-based Last Gang Records.

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