Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"It's the story of a Native American going out like a champ..." Homeboy Sandman - "Happy Thanksgiving" (Stones Throw)

"There [aren't] too many Thanksgiving tracks in Hip-Hop. Here's one by Homeboy Sandman," @stonesthrow Tweeted, along with a link to "Happy Thanksgiving," late Tuesday afternoon. Not entirely unlike Eugene McDaniels' own 1971 anti-Thanksgiving anthem, "The Parasite (for Buffy)," Homeboy Sandman's latest tells the gritty truth behind Thanksgiving's rather gruesome origins; "This cut is called "Happy Thanksgiving." It's the story of a Native American going out like a champ before being slaughtered by European settlers. It was produced by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts," Sandman explains. "Happy Thanksgiving" sees a FREElease on the heels of Homeboy Sandman's latest Stones Throw-backed project, HALLWAYS, produced by Jonwayne, Oh No, Knxwledge, DJ Spinna, Blu, and a multitude of inventive beat-makers. Homeboy Sandman's latest festive-leaning release consists of roughly 57 bars-worth of dense lyrical wordplay, parts of which include: "All I had left was 2 arrows and 1 bow. Basically, my tribe is all gone, all slaughtered by assault from the blonde-haired Johnsons and Monroes... How I'm going down still remains a mystery. One thing's fo' sho' I'ma go down in history." Feel free to add this one onto your Turkey Day Playlist, right alongside Adam Sandler and Eugene McDaniels. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friends; but lets all take a few minutes to acknowledge the horrific post-feast events on which this "holiday" is allegedly based.

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