Monday, November 3, 2014

Mikael Stornfelt Presents: oUzu BazooKa - "Southern Winds" (Tel Aviv, Israel)

"The music video is about people from different worlds connecting through music. And it's surprising how what eventually came out when everything was finished, was somehow so similar [to] the production process itself: Uri [Brauner Kinrot] and I connecting across the globe to get this project done and him flying from Israel to Peru to shoot it. It seems like a great parallel to the finished work, were Uri's almost arcane musical world gets connected to The Hermit's darker underworld all for the sake of a good time!," director Mikael Stornfelt lamented about the making-of Mediterranean Psych-Rock band Ouzu Bazooka's latest single, "Southern Winds." While frontman Uri Brauner Kinrot (UBK) is largely based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, he's toured the world and recorded with his "drunken wedding, Balkan-surf, guitar-tuba-drums power trio Boom Pam," as well as jet-setting acts such as Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, Firewater, and countless others. "Southern Winds" is the third strategically "leaked" single from Ouzu Bazooka's long-delayed self-titled album, which has thus far only been released in Israel with Japanese/European issues coming this forthcoming winter and a North American release date still pending. It almost reminds me of a tasteful stylistic mixture of 1970's-bred Psych-Rock meets modern day Prog-Metal, à la "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" hit-makers Iron Butterfly and Dave Grohl affiliates Queens of The Stone Age. Although I must admit, UBK's promotional team first reached out to me last winter, I'm assuming having searched American Rock bands I had written about, he's seriously the most talented musician who's ever cold emailed me; it still boggles my mind that people in Israel are EVEN aware of The Witzard's sheer existence! (haha)

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