Monday, January 23, 2017

LOVETURL & Passerby Presents: THE UNSEEN (A DETROIT BEAT TAPE) Documentary + Soundtrack Trailer, "Everyone Gets a Doughnut" & Sterling Toles' "Re-wiring Self" (A/V Installation #1)

"The Unseen (A Detroit Beat Tape) explores the soul and roots of Detroit Hip-Hop production, mirroring the sketchpad-style format of a beat tape. Loosely acting as a prequel to the LA-based All Ears documentary, The Unseen provides rare insights into a scene that has remained distant from the public eye, while giving birth to some of the culture's richest and most influential sounds. The film [provides a] glimpse [into] the hidden and elusive characteristics inherent in a city often depicted in a one-dimensional light."
The Unseen (A Detroit Beat Tape) is just as it says, a beat tape-stylized documentary directed and edited by Gus Sutherland with a companion Detroit-centric soundtrack composed and arranged by Ta'Raach and produced by his label collective, LOVETURL along with Passerby. "Ta'Raach is a multi-faceted artist, producer, rapper, painter, and more—originally hailing from Detroit, MI and currently based in Pomona, CA," according to his Discogs page and has released two full-length albums, The Fevers and EL-O-VEE: A Sound Collage (2006) in addition to a number of singles and EP's released between 2005-14. Ta'Raach is currently putting the finishing touches on a long-rumored album with The Lions emcee Black Shakespeare LLGL TNDR to be released this upcoming spring/summer. The Unseen (A Detroit Beat Tape) was previously scheduled to be released back in September 2016, but is now being officially released world-wide on Friday, February 3rd.

The Unseen, at its core, is largely about underground "Detroit producer philosophies and techniques" and its expansive 24-track companion soundtrack features compositions from J Dilla, Waajeed, Mello Music Group rapper-producer Quelle Chris, House Shoes, Dilla's mentor Amp Fiddler, Ghetto-Tech producer Nick Speed, Sterling Toles, BLK MRKT producer Big Tone, Dakim, DJ Dez, Hugh MacLennan, ILLingsworth, and Ta'Raach himself. While I can fully attest that The Unseen's soundtrack is indeed chock-full of 24 cold as steel Hip-Hop bangers, LOVETURL has recently unleashed the Gus Sutherland-presented film's first commercially available single, Sterling Toles-produced "Re-wiring Self;" it has been accompanied by a unique Stuart Sloan-filmed A/V Installation #1, which is essentially, a nearly 3-minute shot of grainy unknown objects, dripping condensation, fuzzy audio fragments, and Sterling Toles' own tough as nails Electro-Hip-Hop beat. For good measure, "Re-wiring Self" was preceded by Rafael Statin's infectious Electro-Jazz-indebted "Everyone Gets a Doughnut (bounce 5)," which for whatever reasons, was left off The Unseen soundtrack. However, it's been properly unleashed as a "bonus select" and packaged along with LOVETURL's latest promo releases of the film. The Unseen (A Detroit Beat Tape) will be released everywhere come February 3rd and will become available for purchase from LOVETURL.NET using the VHX (Vimeo) platform. The Unseen Soundtrack will become available for purchase and streaming through Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and various digital platforms on February 3rd, as well.

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