Thursday, October 5, 2017

Walter Gross & k-the-i??? Reunite for First Youth:Kill Release Since 2012, A Hunter's Moon with 50 "Individually Hand-made" Cassettes for Harvest Moon (self-released)

Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and Baltimore transplant Walter Gross has been steadily rolling out extremely limited edition, thought-provoking cassette releases all year; starting with Black Box Tapes-issued VESTIGE this past March, then, its SUPER BASIC companion piece two months later, and now, Youth:Kill's A Hunter's Moon EP unleashed today, on the Harvest Moon. Walter Gross also recently assembled "FBR SummerSchool GuestMix 3" for FilthyBroke Recordings' Summer School 2017 series. Youth:Kill consists of Gross along with Big Dada/Fake Four Inc-affiliated emcee Emmanuel "Kiki" Ceac AKA k-the-i??? A 2008 Dusted Magazine review once fittingly described Youth:Kill as "the Underground Hip-Hop version of Black Dice." A Hunter's Moon is their sixth overall release and first since a self-released 2012 split EP with sole, titled sole/Youth:Kill split. Not entirely unlike its 2017 predecessors, A Hunter's Moon is essentially, a frantic sound collage-style Experimental Hip-Hop mixtape, just this time, with a sharp-tongued emcee atop Walter's unique, sample-laden self-destructive-sounding beats.

"I suppose, it should be noted @OptimisGFN and @kthei split the difference on a 10-min. track. in true yk fashion... ["calm down psycho"] was recorded 2 years ago. the beats were used for the angels dust remix and then, remixed the base into the grinder and then, the files... got corrupted. and it took 2 years to figure out a solution... in short, this album is a chronicle of this immigrant personal pathway," @waltergross wrote within a series of A Hunter's Moon-minded Tweets earlier this week. It almost seems as though A Hunter's Moon is anchored by and almost built around one single track, the aforementioned 10-minute "Calm Down Psycho" with Berlin-based emcee OptimisGFN AKA Gold HolyWater; essentially, a re-work of a planned remix for Angels Dust's 2015 HIT+RUN-released album, Slow Tapes, which after two years-worth of painstaking re-assembling and "[reviving] with some ghetto magic," has morphed into an entire Youth:Kill EP of its own. There are currently 30 (give or take) "individually hand-made," cassette copies of Youth:Kill's A Hunter's Moon available on Walter Gross' Bandcamp page—with 20 additional copies available at k-the-i???'s upcoming live dates—and unlimited digital copies available online, as well. Walter Gross' next proper "solo" album, RIPPERS ONLY, is somehow, still expected before year's end.

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