Wednesday, January 24, 2018

LiKWUiD, 2 Hungry Bros. & DJ Evil Dee Let Loose Vinyl-indebted "IllFayted" Music Video for National DJ Day 2018 (ORIGU/HiPNOTT Records)

2 Hungry Brothers—or just "2 Hungry Bros." for short—have cemented a place as one of the strongest and most sought-after production teams in post-2000's Underground/Indie Hip-Hop; over the years, having accumulated production credits for the likes of Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, P.SO The Earthtone King, LiKWUiD, 8thW1, Doc Reevez, and 2HB's off-shoot crew Hunger Division, as well as numerous solo productions from each Deep & Ben Boogz. Last year, fresh on the heels of both Ben Boogz's I Moreno and Deep's Depth Perception Vol. 3, 2 Hungry Bros. produced a full album for Hunger Division emcee LiKWUiD entitled Fay Grim. They, then, partnered with German-based imprint ORIGU to release a special 7-inch showcasing DJ Evil Dee-assisted "IllFayted," as well as P.SO The Earthtone King & Donwill-featuring "Hold That (Faybles)" on Side B. Now, LiKWUiD, 2 Hungry Bros. & DJ Evil Dee (Da Beatminerz/Boot Camp Clik) have once again, partnered with HiPNOTT Records to release a short, yet incredibly effective Pesuto-directed music video for "IllFayted," which was quietly released this past Saturday, January 20th, 2018 to coincide with National DJ Day.

"Follow our music-lover (Deep) on the search for his next fix; watch his journey [through] a series of gatekeepers (Ben Boogz, P.SO, LiKWUiD) before ultimately, meeting The Boss (DJ Evil Dee)" HiPNOTT's recent press release reads. "In celebration of National DJ Day, we release this video to give a shout-out to DJ's across the globe who love the feel, sound, and nostalgic energy of vinyl. Confined by the digital age and a shortage of quality tunes, vinyl is now a rare luxury," HiPNOTT Records enthusiastically continued. LiKWUiD's 2 Hungry Bros.-produced Fay Grim is now available to stream or purchase from Amazon Prime, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, Spotify, and like-minded digital retailers. However, if you're an avid collector of shiny black wax, much like myself, LIMITED EDITION "IllFayted" B/W "Hold That (Faybles)" 7-inches are currently still available directly from ORIGU, along with Deep Breez AKA Breez Evahflowin' & Deep's "Project: Draw" 45 lifted from their collaborative 2017 album, Bring Out Your Dead.

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