Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nebraska Emcee Sleep Sinatra & NJ Beat-maker The Custodian of Records Join Forces for Jazz-laden "B.I.E." (DREAMSCAPE Media Group)

"Peace! I appreciate you reaching out... I was familiar with TCOR's production, prior to the joint with [Flashius Clayton], but that song's the first that I've rhymed on one of his beats. We linked from there and he started sending me stuff. "B.I.E." is the first of many [collaborations] between us," Nebraska sharp-spitter @SleepSinatra told me within a recent Twitter Direct Message. Sleep Sinatra and the aforementioned producer TCOR AKA The Custodian of Records first worked together on "Achorman Fight Scene" from Flashius Clayton's recent WOLF MOON EP, alongside Chicago emcee Vic Spencer. "You're gonna see me with these good brothers frequently, in the future; might as well get used to it. Talented-a$$ muthaf***as, man. Salute each of them," @FlashiusClayton enthusiastically Tweeted. On "B.I.E." The Custodian of Records creates a refreshing Jazz-laden, beat-inflected soundscape for Sleep Sinatra to lace up with his slick multi-layered rhymes. Immediately after hearing "B.I.E." I had a sneaking suspicion the song's TCOR-designed single art had some sort of relationship to its Soul-Jazz-reminiscent sample; low and behold, with a little Google Reverse Image Search, I quickly learned "B.I.E."'s sample source is likely housed somewhere within The Awakening's Hear, Sense & Feel, a dusty 1972 Soul-Jazz/Modal 12-inch record originally released on Black Jazz Records.

It's sounds as though, these are just the first of many collaborations we'll be hearing from The Custodian of Records & Sleep Sinatra, as well as Flashius Clayton. Sleep Sinatra very recently self-released a 7-track EP entitled The Empath, which is now available on Bandcamp and consists of "a collection of loosies/B-sides and unreleased jewelry." The Custodian of Records, on the other hand, is personally taking pre-orders for his next 7-inch entitled Lousy New Year's B/W Blizzard; "snippets from my next vinyl release... 2 instrumentals pressed to a 7-inch. These are recorded from the actual test pressing... for all pre-order inquiries, contact FIVEROWSBACK@GMAIL.COM. And I am only doing direct dealings, unless that is, a few stores pick it up. 100% Indie," TCOR recently wrote on his Soundcloud, along with a preview he's fittingly calling "Lousy New Year's B/W Blizzard *Snippets of New 7" (Pre-Order Contact:" Not only does The Custodian of Records have his beatsbytcor Soundcloud—featuring a selection on genre-eschewing beats, MC Collabos, Floaters, and compositions for sale—he additionally hots an alt. Soundcloud page simply entitled "Custodian of Records;" showcasing a wide array of Beats and as he puts it, "some recent stuff remixes, songs, interludes, and beats."

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