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The FAMILY? Cast: Food & Music Is Life, Yes? Host, Dogwood & Saint Didacus Frontman Chef Josh Kemble "Cooks Up" Punk/Food & Drink Pairings (The Witzard Exclusive)

Chef Josh Kemble (SOURCE: Joshua C. Kemble)

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed an interview NO ECHO founder Carlos Ramirez conducted with San Diego Punk/Hardcore frontman turned chef, business owner, and podcaster Joshua "Josh" Kemble. I was almost instantly intrigued and gave Josh a Follow on both Twitter (@thegrexican) and Instagram (@joshkemb,) who soon Followed me back. Before too long, Chef Josh & I connected on Twitter talking about potential food and drink pairings to accompany Praise's then-just released album, All In A Dream, which I was listening to one night whilst cooking dinner for my family. Chef Josh & I quickly started swapping ideas (and recipes) back-and-forth and soon landed on a scrumptious ideas for a collaborative feature for The Witzard.

I sent Chef Josh a Punk/Hardcore Spotify playlist I've been compiling in recent months, let him pick a handful of favorites, and, then, did some unique Punk food pairings, much like on his The FAMILY? Cast: Food & Music Is Life, Yes? otherwise known as The Punk Chef Pairing Podcast (@thefamilycast.) So, go check out Chef Josh's one-time band, Dogwood—featuring former Yellowcard bassist Sean O'Donnell—and his new Punk/Dadcore band, Saint Didacus. Cue up Chef Josh's hand-picked tunes by Moonraker, Discourage, Skullcrack, Mutually Assured Destruction, Speedway & SOUL GLO and enjoy his one-of-a-kind Punk food and beverage pairings down below the break!

MOONRAKER - "I REALLY WANTED TO" (Bearded Punk Records/Bypolar Records/No Time Records/Tiny Dragon Music)

Menu Item: "The Forest"
Fig Demi-glace on Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb | Foraged Wood-smoked Leeks, Wild Greens & Carrots | Blistered & Pickled Grapes | Leek Ash & Rosemary Risotto

"The Forest" (PLATING & CREDIT: Chef Tim Saenz)

Beverages: Liquor - Cucumber Mint Mojito
Wine - Rioja or A Cab Sauv [Cabernet Sauvignon] from Bordeaux, France
Beer - The Lost Abbey's Amazing Grace Barrel-aged Dubbel
N/A - Pentire Adrift, Lamb Fat, Blackberry Syrup, Muddled Blackberries

DISCOURAGE - "DISREPAIR" (Patient Zero Records)

Menu Item: De-constructed Banana Creme Pie
Biscoff Cookie Crust | Banana Liqueur Crème Fraîche | Caramelized Banana Brûlée | Spun Sugar | Hibiscus Dust | Maldon Sea Salt | Bourbon Dulce de Leche | Chantilly

De-constructed Banana Creme Pie (PLATING: Chef Tiffani Tincher, CREDIT: Chef Joe Fox)

Beverages: Liquor - The Dirty Banana (Kahlúa, White Rum, Banana Liqueur, etc.)
Wine - Inniskillin Vidal Fortified Ice Wine 2018
Beer - Karl Strauss Brewing's Wreck Alley Imperial Stout or Belching Beaver Brewery's Peanut Butter Milk Stout NITRO
N/A - Mostra Coffee Choconana: House-made Banana Milk Mixed with Brazilian Cold Brew

SKULLCRACK - "EXTINCT" (Indecision Records)

Menu Item: "The Underground"
Root Vegetable Mash | Caramelized Spicy Red Onion | Overnight Cold Brew Coffee Braised Short Rib | Miso Butter | Crispy Brussels Sprouts | Pancetta Lardons | Thyme Oil | Micro Amaranth

"The Underground" (PLATING: Chef Josh K., CREDIT: Sam Wells)

Beverages: Liquor - "The Contender" (Four Roses Bourbon, Cabernet Simple Syrup)
Wine - Charles Shaw's Two Buck Chuck CA Blend
Beer - Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co.'s Bourbon Barrel-aged Emo Brown or Russian River Brewing Company's Consecration American Wild Ale
N/A - House-made Fermented Grape Syrup, Amarena Cherries, Smoked Salt Rim, Tonic


Menu Item: "Escarole of Doom"
Herb-crusted, Poached Escarole | Summer Vegetable Ratatouille | Basil & Toasted Pine Nut Pesto | Micro Radish

"Escarole of Doom" (PLATING & CREDIT: Chef Tim Saenz)

Beverages: Liquor - The Underground Toddy (Whiskey, Cinnamon Syrup, Lemon/Oranges)
Wine - Forgotten Barrel 2018 Chardonnay or Gebruder Ludwig Riesling Spätelese
Beer - Harland Brewing Co.'s Japanese Rice Lager or Modern Times Beer's Iron Sunrise India Pale Lager
N/A - Mint-Melon Agua Fresca, Scraped Watermelon Granita, Pomegranate Seeds, Tajin Rim

SPEEDWAY - "BALANCE" (Revelation Records)

Menu Item: "Death/Life By Chocolate"
Decadent Dark Chocolate Cake | Cacao/Avocado Mousse Frosting | Citrus Macerated Strawberries | Fermented Blackberries

"Death/Life By Chocolate" (PLATING & CREDIT: Chef Tim Saenz)

Beverages: Liquor - Castle & Key Distillery's Restoration Rye Single-barrel Whiskey
Wine - Any Sweet Rosé (cans preferred!) or Tawny Port
Beer - Booze Brothers Brewing Co.'s [Brotheer's Keeper] 1st Anniversary Oaked Barleywine
N/A - Doppio Espresso; local roasters only! (We have some good Hardcore/Punk coffee roasters in San Diego: Heartwork Coffee Bar, James Coffee Co.)


Menu Item: "The Vegan Bird"
Sage & Mirin Grilled Mock Duck | Purple Cauliflower Puree | Al Dente Mirepoix | Crispy Za'atar Chickpeas | Sea Salt Blanched English Peas | Beet Oil

"The Vegan Bird" (PLATING: Chef Josh K., CREDIT: Sam Wells)

Beverages: Liquor - Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic, Cucumber Garnish
Wine - A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Beer - Deft Brewing's DoubleDeft Secret Altbier
N/A - Athletic Brewing Company's Maibock


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