Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Asher "The Dude" Roth & D.A. Wallach - "Gotta Get Up" (Nottz Raw)

A Scooter Braun Film - Presented by "John Halloy" * and Directed by Luke Tedaldi...
The "Gotta Get Up" visual co-stars Asher Roth and D.A. Wallach (Chester French) in a series of escapades. In the pre-production stage, Tedaldi shot some 55,000 still frames with an HDR camera. These were then spliced together to create the stop motion-like video seen above. It features some pretty obvious homages to characters/scenes from The Big Lebowski as well as Fear & Loathing...
The track itself is produced by Nottz [Raw] and appears on their collaborative project, THE RAWTH EP (Raw + Roth). Sample sources are pretty unique - as Misfits, Joanna Newsom, and Cold War Kids pieces were culled from. Pick up a copy over here. And be on the look out for new albums from Asher and Chester French this Summer.

* "John Halloy" seems to be a Luke Tedaldi (video director) alias... As Tedaldi's Twitter tag is @johnhalloy.

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