Monday, April 25, 2011

Rising: Clams Casino (Mike Volpe)

"Clams Casino" is the musical guise of Nutley, New Jersey's very own Mike Volpe. The up-and-coming 23-year old beatsmith has already laced Lil B#BASEDGOD, Deezy D, Soulja Boy, The Jealous Guys, G-side, Squadda B (Green Ova), and Havoc/Mobb Deep with proper backing tracks... In addition to giving XV and Big Pun the remix treatment.
Having recently re-released a mixtape of "diluted rhythms" (instrumentals), Volpe is prepping his [major] label debut - The Rainforest 12" EP on Tri Angle, June 27th. Directed by Jamie Harley, a recycled David Copperfield magic/stunt performance clip serves as the music video for EP single, "Gorilla."
Clams Casino (Mike Volpe) recently did 2 LEGIT interviews with Pitchfork and Village Voice - Check those out here and here, respectively... And while you're at it, Follow @clammyclams on Twitter.

Interesting sample sources: Janelle Monáe ("Cold War"), Imogen Heap ("I'm God"), Björk ("Illest Alive"), Adele ("Realest Alive"), Guy ("Untitled"/Track 13).

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