Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Songs In The Key of Life: Party Supplies - "Ohio" (Labor Day Weekend Mix)

While pseudo-frontman Justin Nealis has seemingly singularly produced countless records for Action Bronson, Cam'ron, and Danny Brown, Party Supplies is in fact, a self-described 2-man "Anachronistic Rock Music" group; newly-augmented member Sean Mahon appeared alongside Nealis on Party Supplies' 2013 Fool's Gold Records debut, Tough Love and supposedly assisted in production on frequent collaborator Action Bronson's critically-acclaimed Blue Chips 2 mixtape and long-rumored cross-genre "Jericho" project. They've been relentlessly teasing at a Tough Love vinyl re-issue for months now... "Justine [Monsul], Sean [Mahon], and myself wrote this in a hotel in Ohio a few months back, very happy to see it come together #OHIO," @xpartysuppliesx sporadically Tweeted this past weekend. It was of course, a preemptive message in allusion to "Ohio," the latest Country-laden non-album Party Supplies track, which was somewhat confusingly described as sounding similar to Johnny Cash, R.E.M. Crash Test Dummies, Hootie & The Blowfish, Dire Straits, and even Neil Diamond. But sonically, it really makes so much more sense than you could ever imagine; "I got my feet dirty in Rap for many years, and I been in this sh*t for many years, only after I found a little bit of success with Rap that I got enough confidence to drop the Tough Love record, which is the opposite of what The Black Keys did," Justin Nealis recently told HipHopDX, while attempting to describe Party Supplies' mixed genre aesthetic, whilst comparing their output to The Black Keys' hybrid Rap-Rock album, BlakRoc (2009). Although it's currently unclear whether or not post-Tough Love non-album Soundcloud FREEBIES "(Searching for) A Crazy Love," "Danny Boy," "Security," "4 More Months 2 Go," and now "Ohio" will end up on Fool's Gold's Tough Love vinyl re-issue, when prompted if the long-rumored LP was coming soon, @xpartysuppliesx simply replied, "yes soon, thanx mate."

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