Saturday, February 21, 2015

9/11 & Heartbreak: Heems & Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange - "Home" (Megaforce/Greedhead Records)

"When Dev [Hynes] was 'Lightspeed Champion', he had a little-known rap MySpace called 'Ni**a Bullshit' (2010). This was when we first started talking about a collaboration," rapper Himanshu Suri (professionally known as Heems) recently revealed to Rolling Stone concerning his latest collaboration with singer-songwriter/producer, Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange. "I wrote some of the lyrics in college at Wesleyan, some before Das Racist in Bushwick, and most of it in my engineer Daniel Lynas' old studio with Dev [Hynes] in Dumbo," Heems continued. "Home" was adequately described by one anonymous writer as "Dev provides fluttering guitar-work while Heems opens his chest cavity, removes his still-aching heart, [and] drops it on the floor in front of you;" the subject matter throughout Heems' forthcoming major label "debut" EAT PRAY THUG has been self-described as "much more personal than [Himanshu Suri's] previous work, Nehru Jackets and WILD WATER KINGDOM (2012).

The majority of EAT PRAY THUG's contained material was written and recorded in-between Bombay and Brooklyn during Heems' self-imposed exile from around 2012-14. Suri's long-rumored commercial "debut" will finally see a world-wide release this upcoming March 9-10th on Megaforce/Greedhead Records and will reportedly feature appearances from the likes of Hynes, Rafiq Bhatia, Gordon Voidwell, Harry Fraud, and Boody B. Along with "Home," Heems decided to let loose yet another, albeit non-album, track titled "Tell Me a Poem," which he says fully materialized "in 30 minutes after a show in Bangalore." It appears as though the record execs at Megaforce Records weren't too receptive to the original mix of the Burning Deck-produced track and essentially, "felt like it was filler" material; Rolling Stone additionally premiered a new secondary mix of "Tell Me a Poem" late Thursday afternoon.

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