Saturday, February 28, 2015

America's #1 Rap-Singer, Action Bronson Super-slam Dunks on Godzilla & Assorted Madness in "Actin' Crazy" Video (VICE Records)

"Kanye, Mark Ronson, Lana del Rey, and Kid Cudi collaborator and hit-making super-producer Emile Haynie has finally unleashed his debut "solo" album, We Fall, after nearly 24 years in the music industry..." is roughly how my Emile Haynie "Falling Apart," his creation which features vocal assistance from Brian Wilson and Miike Snow frontman Andrew Wyatt, piece would have likely started, until I suddenly hit a brick wall with its overall direction. I'm sure Haynie's star-studded album is great, but I just simply lost interest in writing about it; although, maybe a We Fall-centric piece will materialize itself and grace the pages of The Witzard in the not-so-distant future. Enter: a typically slow, bone-chillingly cold Friday afternoon, at which my attention was forthwith reverted towards America's self-proclaimed #1 Rap-Singer, Action Bronson's latest Noah "40" Shebib-produced single, "Actin' Crazy." Its official VICE Records-sanctioned video treatment plays out somewhat like an MTV making-the-video look at a movie set or in this case, Bronson's relatively low-budget green screen-aided "Actin' Crazy" video set.

"What a weird and wild world he's conjured up for himself, laying somewhere between Dr. Evil's mountain-top volcano [lair] and a game of NBA Jam," as okayplayer fittingly describes it. Action Bronson can be seen sailing through outer-space in a slim-fit rocketship, rowing what appears to be some sort of feathered/snake-like viking vessel, piloting a laser-mounted shark (à la his "Actin' Crazy" single cover), slam dunking a miles-high shot on Godzilla, and landing a staggering 10-10-10-rated cliff split, all the while, being lint rolled by two beautiful women between takes. It's truly the perfect zonked-out end to a record headline-setting week; wherein Bronson unleashed a Boogie Nights-referencing MR. WONDERFUL album trailer co-starring producer buddy Party Supplies and Danny "Little Pete" Tamberelli of The Adventures of Pete & Pete fame, quietly debuting Oh No-produced album track "Only In America," and unofficially announcing a currently untitled cartoon show, as well as season #2 of F*ck, That's Delicious coming to cable TV in the near future. I would expect the latest webisode of FTD, which is rumored to feature Chef Mario Batali, to premier at some point ahead of MR. WONDERFUL's soon forthcoming March 23-24th release date.

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