Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"S.E.A.N." Price Channels Stevie Wonder on Upcoming Pre-NIGGLETIUS Mixtape, Songs In The Key of Price (Duck Down Records)

"I did not rhyme off the beanie sigel truth beat PF [Cuttin] looped the original Chicago that is all..." @SeanPrice furiously Tweeted \from his Brownsville, Brooklyn home late Tuesday afternoon; seemingly alluding to instantly recognizable similarities between his latest Soundcloud-aided leak, "S.E.A.N." and Sigel's 2000 Kanye-produced title track, "The Truth," wherein he famously sampled Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young founding member Graham Nash's 1971 Folk-Rock protest piece, "Chicago." Following a flurry of sporadic Soundcloud-released loosies about every 2 weeks-month, Sean Price has finally announced his long-awaited Stevie Wonder-referencing Songs In The Key of Price mixtape, which is "coming soon" at a currently unspecified date; "Oh yeah that trash-ass artwork was done by a child the real mixtape cover coming soon lol!!!"

Just a matter of mere seconds into "S.E.A.N.," the sharp-tongued wordsmith behind super-group Random Axe makes it immediately apparent that he's back with a vengeance: "When it comes to hard-boiled, that me all day / Your sh*t got flaws, bum, and it sold no days / I'm the raw rap writer, reciter of raw raps / All that wack sh*t that you're talkin', just fall back." Little else is currently known about Songs In The Key of Price at press time, but it appears as though Sean Price's first unofficial full-length since Mic Tyson (2012) is an entirely separate "album" from his long in-the-works NIGGLETIUS CON QUESO!!! record. Songs In The Key of Price is just the latest in a long line of ingeniously named Sean Price-themed project titles: Jesus Price Supastar, Master P, Kimbo Price, Mic Tyson, Sean Madella, Donkey Sean Jr., The Price Is Right, "Sean Legend," etc.

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