Wednesday, April 8, 2015

True Panther Sounds Presents: Tanlines' Thinly-veiled Netflix Homage, tanlinesinternet or "TANFLIX" (Interactive Band Website)

"Having a band website in 2015 is kind of pointless. If someone wants to know when we’re playing or what we're doing, they can get that information from social media or sites like Songkick, but you still have to have [an official website]," Tanlines percussionist Jesse Cohen recently told Billboard. "I was thinking about how we could make something relevant to how we actually use The Internet, and I was thinking about how much time we spend on the menu page for Netflix trying to figure out what movie to watch," he continued; Cohen is of course, referring to Tanlines' newly-revamped band website, which appears to be a thinly-veiled homage to Netflix's almost instantly recognizable layout. Jesse Cohen and fellow bandmate Eric Emm seemed to be pretty nonchalant as to how Netflix might have reacted once their site went live, even considering the fact that "half the links point you to sign up for Netflix;" although "finding out that @netflix [loved] was definitely the *highlight*" of @tanlines' site launch day. It all appears to be part of an elaborate roll-out for Tanlines' early 2013-recorded sophomore album, Highlights, which is currently available for pre-order through label True Panther and various online platforms ahead of its fast-approaching May 18-19th release.

Tanlines' new cutting-edge website was designed by Highlights graphic designer Teddy Blanks along with Beggars Group's in-house web design team accented with Netflix-reminiscent descriptions penned by Emm himself (ie: Tanlines' latest single, "Invisible Ways:" "Stuck in Pittsburgh with no computer and no sunlight, the band reverted to an old-fashioned approach: writing on guitars and drums"). Tanlines' Netflix-esque categories boast inventive titles like "Because You Listened to Highlights," "Buddy Road Trip Movies," "Great Second Acts," "Tanlines North American Tour," "Movies and TV That You Might Not Have Realized Are About Jews," "No Effects with Jesse Cohen," and last, but certainly not least, "American Actors Doing British Accents." Along with Tanlines' upcoming tour dates, working links to band-selected Netflix titles, Jesse Cohen's star-studded 32-episode No Effects podcast, and a collection of Tanlines' past hits, additionally features the world-premier of Jesse Cohen & Eric Emm's self-described "jangly, [Roy] Orbison-inspired track," "Invisible Ways." It's the second single lifted from Tanlines' soon forthcoming second full-length, Highlights, which they're hoping will fare as well as blockbusters Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Frasier, A Different World, and Pulp Fiction.

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