Monday, September 14, 2015

[adult swim] Singles Series '15 Heralds Ghostface Killah & DOOM's Unofficial Return-to-form, "Lively Hood" (DOOMSTARKS, Gas Drawls?)

"We reached out to DOOM to see if he was interested in giving us a track, and were told that the DOOMSTARKS project was close to completion and there was a song we could have... we jumped on it! I mean, it's [Ghostface Killah] and DOOM rapping together. It's pretty much my rap nerd dreams coming true. I think they bring something out in each other that's very exciting for me as a rap listener," Adult Swim's own glorified fan-boy Jason DeMarco recently gushed to Uproxx, concerning of course, the cartoon network's acquisition of DOOMSTARKS' unofficial return-to-form, "Lively Hood." While his official title may be Vice President/Creative Director of Adult Swim On-Air, DeMarco himself simply managed to distill his responsibilities down to "basically, if it's on Adult Swim and it's NOT a show, it's my group's responsibility to make;" this including, but not limited to promo campaigns, network ID's, animated shorts, partner-created content, and network text 'bumps'. Wu-Tang expert swordsmen Ghostface Killah's relationship with the sharp-tongued masked villain MF DOOM seemingly dates back to around 2006-07, when DOOM produced a handful of nearly flawless beats utilized within Ghostface's magnificent career re-defining Fishscale and its companion album, More Fish; albeit, even before these impeccable fishy albums, DANGERDOOM producer Danger Mouse recruited Tony Starks to appear alongside DOOM on their Adult Swim-fueled The Mouse & The Mask heavy-hitter, "The Mask."

However, not long after their critically-acclaimed back-to-back releases, rumblings started to travel across The Internet concerning a collaborative DOOMSTARKS (or then, known as GHOSTDOOM), joint full-length, tentatively titled "Swift & Changeable." Since it's nearly decade-old initial announcement, DOOM & Ghostface have reconvened on a number of various occasions; most notably on 2011 Nature Sounds cassette/12" single "Victory Laps" and even more recently, DOOM appeared alongside Ghostface Killah on his BADBADNOTGOOD-produced Sour Soul album on stand-out "Ray Gun." With that said, DOOMSTARKS' end of summer Adult Swim singles series submission, "Lively Hood" duals as the first official single and their unofficial long-awaited return-to-form. It's currently available for FREE download through Adult Swim's on-going Soundcloud singles series playlist, as well as on a limited edition Gas Drawls-pressed piece of "Lively Hood" 7-inch wax, which will reportedly ship on November 15th. Although this isn't exactly the first time Swift & Changeable has been "close" to an allegedly release, Ghostface Killah haphazardly announced it's indeed "coming out [in] 2015" last December during a Reddit AMA. DOOM & Ghostface are somewhat surprisingly scheduled to appear together at Miami's III Points Music Festival that will offer a unique, "one-of-a-kind, interactive performance" where DOOM will be "transported Star Trek-style directly onto the III Points Festival stage," via a live screen "from the other side of time."

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