Tuesday, September 1, 2015

From Louis Vuitton & Yves Saint Laurent to Action Bronson: Black Atlass aka Alex Fleming - "Haunted Paradise" (Fool's Gold Records)

"Black Atlass is quite literally the only artist on earth to soundtrack Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent ads while featuring on Action Bronson songs," reads part of a recently published Fool's Gold Records press release. "This diverse appeal is a testament to the captivating voice of Alex Fleming, the young singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who created Black Atlass as a vehicle for his unique vocals, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, and experimental production techniques," it descriptively continues. Fleming is of course, the deeply soulful voice crooning "I nearly lost my mind. All a motherf**ker got is time, time... I nearly lost my brain dealin' with this motherf**kin' pain, so bad" on Action Bronson's infectious Party Supplies-produced MR. WONDERFUL stand-out, "A Light In The Addict." Alex Fleming previously unleashed his critically-acclaimed debut, Young Bloods EP and a beautiful, free 10-track album titled Jade this past spring, following his unheralded Bronson assist. Black Atlass' latest Fool's Gold-backed single, "Haunted Paradise" made its world premier last Saturday on Fresh Prince offspring Jaden Smith's MSFTS FREQUENCY Beats 1 radio show; "awash in stark guitar riffs and dubby reverb... the moody beauty of "Haunted Paradise" sets the stage for a new creative phase of Black Atlass." It's just the first of three forthcoming newly-minted Black Atlass singles to be released on Fool's Gold, which will eventually "be accompanied by a series of self-published zines featuring original work from [Alex] Fleming himself." "Haunted Paradise" is now readily available for download/streaming on digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, etc. with a companion zine-accented vinyl and CD re-release only imminent.

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