Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bandcamp Remixer ayyy donkey Unleashes Super Mario Bros-reminiscent 8-bit Death Grips Collection, "Bitmilitary" Ahead of Bottomless Pit (Thirdworlds?)

Death Grips are a notoriously on again, off again, and currently reformed Hardcore Punk-infusing Sacramento-based "Aggro-Rap" band; if you're not familiar, just think, a hypothetical musical ménage à trois between Black Flag, Beastie Boys, and Gravediggaz – two of which are coincidentally sampled throughout their genre label-pulverizing debut mixtape, Exmilitary. Death Grips' underlying influence can, believe it or not, be heard on everything from recent father of two Kanye's own 2013 Dancehall-leaning Aggro-Rap magnum opus, Yeezus to recently deceased incomparable Thin White Duke's final album, ★ (Blackstar) which was additionally influenced by President Obama's favorite rapper, Kendrick Lamar. While we patiently await Bottomless Pit, the long-rumored follow-up to Death Grips' double-disc March-April 2015 "reunion" album, The Powers That B, an amateur remixer known as ayyy donkey has taken it upon themselves to unleash some unofficial DG-centric material to help tide eagerly-awaiting fans over in the meantime; our mysterious remixer, otherwise only known as "Bitgrips," has created a Super Mario Bros-reminiscent 8-bit rendition of Exmilitary that they've aptly-titled [Bitmilitary] and ends up sounding eerily like Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future's earliest output. I could only imagine how perfect frontman MC Ride's bellowed vocals might sound over these self-destructive 8-bit instrumentals... does anyone still happen to have those post-Exmilitary Black Google acapellas laying around?

It features eight rather sparse, yet very cleverly stripped own and re-blipped renditions of tracks that originally appeared within Death Grips' music industry-rattling sample-laden FREE mixtape, Exmilitary, this including "Guillotine," "Spread Eagle 'cross The Block," "Lord of The Game," and Black Flag-flipping "Klink." The only voice noticeably present throughout [Bitmilitary] is that of aspiring 1960-70's Folk-Rockstar turned infamous serial killer Charles Manson, who, if you remember correctly, was quite menacingly sampled on Exmilitary intro, "Beware" (here, he sounds something like Frylock from Adult Swim staple Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Although, Death Grips members MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin are seemingly nowhere to be found, I almost wouldn't exactly begin to deny their involvement in [Bitmilitary] just yet, which almost seems to vaguely resemble the thinly-veiled roll-out for Death Grips-affiliated Thirdworlds "signed" band The I.L.Y.'s I've always been good at true love; now, I'm really going out on a limb here, but I almost wouldn't even put it past MC Ride, Hill & Flatlander to collectively be our amateur remixer ayyy donkey (Bitgrips). Not withstanding, Death Grips previously announced that they were holed up in the studio, actively writing, recording, and self-producing Bottomless Pit, back in October 2015, which I would imagine should likely be materializing for wide-spread consumption sooner than later, at this rate.

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