Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kanye, Madlib & Kendrick Lamar Unveil Junie Morrison, Ghostface Killah, Johnny Guitar Watson & Larry Graham-sampling "No More Parties In LA" (G.O.O.D. Fridays)

"Hey baby, you forgot your Ray Bans
And my sheets still orange from your spray tan
It was more than soft porn for the K-man
She remember my Sprinter, said "I was in the grape van"
Uhm, well cutie, I like your bougie booty
Come Erykah Badu me, well, let's make a movie...
No more parties in LA
Please, baby, no more parties in LA"

- Kanye & Kendrick Lamar
Kanye West is without a doubt one of the most charismatic, unabashedly outspoken to a fault, and arguably creative artists in all of Hip-Hop and even all of music; in my eyes, West, the self-proclaimed "No. 1 Rockstar On The Planet," could easily be likened to Classic Rock monoliths Queen, who once performed "Bohemian Rhapsody" at Glastonbury. For purposes of this very analogy I'm trying yo set up, that would in turn, make President Obama's favorite emcee, Kendrick Lamar, David Bowie in our "Under Pressure"-referencing equation. Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly, along with Death Grips and Boards of Canada, was reportedly one of Bowie's greatest influences on what would end up ultimately being his last album and first American #1 album, ★. It almost boggles my mind that two undeniable Hip-Hop heavyweights such as Kanye & Kendrick Lamar, former Yeezus Tour partners, have yet to work together until now. Although, Lamar reportedly has a writing credit on "All Day," Madlib-produced "No More Parties In LA" marks their first time rapping alongside one another on the same original track. It's been reported that Madlib gave Kanye five beats around 2010 for inclusion on his "new album," which at the time, would have likely been My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy; however, it's currently unclear if "No More Parties In LA" will end up resurfacing on Kanye's soon forthcoming SWISH or if any of Madlib's additional four hand-crafted beats will appear on the highly anticipated three years in-the-making Yeezus follow-up.

While it was released nearly three days late on Monday, January 18th, "No More Parties In LA" seemingly still counts as one of Kanye's newly-reinvigorated G.O.O.D. Fridays singles; @KimKardashian Tweeted early Sunday morning that "Kanye flew to Italy for a [Yeezy] Season 3 fitting," which explains the slight delay. "He flew [engineer] Noah [Goldstein] out with him, so he could finish "No More Parties In LA" & wrote 90 bars on the plane there... This is the first song ever with Kanye & Kendrick Lamar! He just landed & headed straight to the studio to finish it," Kardashian-West enthusiastically continued. "No More Parties In LA" was previously attached on last week's inaugural "Real Friends" G.O.O.D. Fridays drop and is built around a primary sample that Madlib culled from Ohio Players songwriter Junie Morrison's 1976 Suzie Super Groupie cut, "Suzie Thundertussy," as well as Ghostface Killah's "Mighty Healthy" (previously sampled on "New God Flow"), and intro lifted from Johnny Guitar Watson's 1977 Blues-laden wailer "Give me My Love," and a bridge section sampled from Drake's Uncle Larry Graham's "Stand Up and Shout About Love." It appears as though we'll be treated to a new G.O.O.D. Fridays track every Friday (or Monday morning) leading up until the "February 11 16" world-wide release of Kanye's long-awaited SWISH. Although, it's unclear whether or not any of the previously released singles or leaked tracks will appear within the rumored Rick Rubin & Q-Tip-produced Born In The U.S.A.-esque album.

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