Tuesday, April 12, 2016

VICELAND's F**k, That's Delicious Host Action Bronson Enlists Fellow Outdoorsmen Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger for Infectious Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters-sampling "MR. 2 FACE" (Blue Chips 7000)

"I began to feel that I had been spending so much time exploring the upper atmosphere of music and the more ethereal kind of far-out spacey stuff. Now there was this need to take some more of the earth and to feel a little more tethered; a connection to the earth... I was beginning to feel that we (the sextet) were playing this heavy kind of music, and I was tired of everything being heavy. I wanted to play something lighter," revered Jazz-Funk pianist Herbie Hancock wrote within the liner notes to the 1997 CD re-issue of his Headhunters-assisted Head Hunters (1973). Mere hours after making his first ground-breaking appearance on late night TV, giving Fallon's predecessor Seth Meyers a rather laxed, yet incredibly amusing, tutorial on how to cook char-grilled octopus, rapping chef Action Bronson unexpectedly released our first taste lifted from his long-rumored Blue Chips 7000 (formerly titled Blue Chips 7) in the form of Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger-assisted "MR. 2 FACE." "I skipped right to 7,000... I did one and two [and] now I'm so far beyond that, I'm at 7,000," Bronson cleverly quipped when Meyers inquired about his leaps and bounds-skipping mixtape. "I've been making making quality television. Time to let the beast back out. When you hear Blue Chips [7000], you will crash whatever vehicle you are driving into the window of Boston Market," VICELAND's F*ck, That's Delicious host exuberantly Tweeted as recently as March.

Now, with that said, following my rather long-winded tale, should have you right up to speed and brings us back to aforementioned Jazz-Funk pianist Herbie Hancock; written and recorded whilst traveling on a recent tour through Jamaican cuisine for an episode of Bronson's FTD, which will actually air this upcoming Thursday, April 14th. "MR. 2 FACE" effortlessly interpolates an all-too-familiar RS 500-ranked riddim, Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters' undoubtedly infectious "Watermelon Man," which was notoriously sampled by Dancehall DJ Super Cat back in 1993 and soon thereafter, remixed by Puff Daddy-helmed Bad Boy Records on "Dolly My Baby." I must say, Action Bronson and Blue Chips 1-2 producer Party Supplies have utilized some head-scratching, albeit wonderfully genre-melding, source material including Genesis members Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman, Peter Bjorn & John, "Tequila," Justin Bieber, Guns N' Roses, and John Mellencamp; but I have to say, Hancock's progressively building and slowly self-destructive "Watermelon Man" is quite easily the single greatest, traditionally non-Hip-Hop material they've collectively sampled and re-purposed. "RAP/HIP-HOP HAS TO BE REPRESENTED IN ALL FORMS AND STYLES. TOO MUCH OF THE SAME SH*T WILL MAKE A PERSON GO INSANE..."

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