Saturday, April 23, 2016


"Edan had the ill beat and was like, 'Yo, this sounds kinda like when people talk mad sh*t, you should speak on that.' I was like word. The onslaught of people talking mad copious amounts of sh*t is the ongoing barrage. That's what the video is about," Queens-bred emcee Homeboy Sandman recently revealed to The FADER, who premiered said video, "Talking (Bleep)." Sandman's Edan-produced sh*t-talker lamenting creation stems from his upcoming Stones Throw album, Kindness for Weakness and is instantly evocative, to me at least, of The Peanuts' often used droning "WOOT WOOT WOOT" adult talking voice. Its companion Jay Brown-directed visual treatment is vaguely reminiscent of The Avengers: Age of Ultron meets let's say, Pierce Brosnan-helmed 1990's James Bond flick GoldenEye, but instead of your friendly neighborhood chiseled caped crusaders, starring sharp-tongued emcee Homeboy Sand-Man!!! For whatever reasons, it's never actually determined why so-called big-mouthed baddies are in fact ruthlessly chasing and seemingly attempting to kill Sandman, but let's just refer to them as "haters" from here on out, for argument's sake. "I met a rapper that sucks who is way more famous than I am / Can you believe sucka tried to kick some knowledge to the Boy Sand... telling me that I was a brand? / And I should think about rocking with a band / And it's a good thing I got on Instagram / And a bunch of other, meaningless nonsense / Shut up d*ck you sound like this," Homeboy Sandman unabashedly rhymes throughout the track's simplistic, yet incredibly effective, sixth and final verse.

Lest we forget, all the while, gun-slinging, karate chopping, running circles around, bustin' out some masterful Jean-Claude Van Damme-reminiscent moves, and cold hard rhymes against anywhere from 3-6 big-mouthed baddies at once; Sandman, however, is finally able to escape the clutches of evil towards "Talking (Bleep)'"s closing scenes as Edan rolls up just in the nick of time with "The Wheels of Fortune," better known across the Underground Hip-Hop community as the coveted Mello Music Group Volvo. "Talking (Bleep)" was preceded by non-album cut, "Life Support," which despite being left off Kindness for Weakness, Stones Throw still had a companion stop-motion video commissioned by frequent collaborator Pace Rivers. Ahead of Kindness for Weakness' impending May 6th release, Homeboy Sandman will soon head out on a massive 38-date North American tour spanning from May 5-July 14th along with Lice EP partner in crime, Aesop Rock – who will unleash his long-awaited The Impossible Kid during the duration of their jaunt, as well. I, for one, already bought my ticket to Sandman & Aesop's Grimace Federation-backed June 11th date at Philly's Union Transfer and I'm praying to the Rap Gods that they'll have physical (reasonably priced) copies of their critically-acclaimed Lice EP stacked roughly 3 Feet High & Rising at the merch booth!!!

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