Monday, September 26, 2016

Tanya Morgan Rapper-producer Donwill Surprise Releases J Dilla Ruff Draft & "Bully Joel"-reminiscent stop. waiting. EP (with SOAP Goods Creative PDF 'zine)

"Hailing from both Brooklyn and Cincinnati, Tanya Morgan formed on the message boards of in 2003 when Donwill, Ilyas Nashid, and Von Pea were all solo artists trading demos and beat tapes. The three emcees decided to collaborate for a one-off project and settled on the name Tanya Morgan—an inside joke to trick Hip-Hop crate-diggers and sample-searchers into thinking the record was an old-school Soul singer..." reads a clever emailed press release from HiPNOTT Records; while Donwill's Soundcloud description simply reads, "Donwill makes music and you can hear it here." Donwill quietly released a compact 12-minute EP, stop. waiting. under the cover of night late Sunday evening, which he described within an emailed statement as: "basically [though,] it's an EP that I made for myself and mostly by myself to help me get out of my own way. The images in the PDF booklet are a metaphor for me balancing using my art as a shield and trying to protect the innocent, while still being very much about who I am and things that I've been through."

stop. waiting. was entirely written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Donwill himself with additional mixing and sound direction by Still Weavens, mastering by Brick Beats, and stop. waiting. PDF zine artwork designed by SOAP Goods Creative. I would liken stop. waiting.'s brief, albeit perfectly suitable, lo-fi almost 1990's mixtape feel to that of revered rapper-producer J Dilla's Ruff Draft EP (2003). "It's short for a reason haha. Minimal investment. If you don't like it you wasted 10 [minutes], if you do like it you have to play it again. Also, I'm not really into long-players right now. Longer ones will come, but this was an exercise in 'can I do this alone?'" Donwill continued. stop. waiting. is currently available at either Bandcamp or Soundcloud at the incredibly reasonable name-your-price rate of $4 (or more) and if you dig what you hear, I strongly suggest purchasing Tanya Morgan's pre-The Tonight Show The Roots commercial break buffer "sandwiches" remixing The Sandwich Shop EP, as well as Donwill's instantly infectious Suff Daddy-produced 2011 10-track mixtape, DPPLGNGR.

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