Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Russian Funk, Library & Organ Groove Band The Great Revivers Unleash "тутутру [Tuturu]" B/W "Ездок [Rider]" 7-inch (Funk Night Records)

The Great Revivers Instrumental Band (крепчайший алкоголь инструментальный ансамбль) or just "The Great Revivers," for short, are a self-described "Instrumental Funk, Library, Organ Groove band" hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Great Revivers was collectively formed by one-time members of Wake&Bake! and The Reggaenauts and consist of players Artem Beresnev, Roman Lebedev, Stanislav Rybochkin, Alexander Shtykov, and Roman Zyryanov. Since initially forming, The Great Revivers have released a staggering 10 7-inch singles on Mocambo Records, Detroit-based Funk Night Records (Fnr,) Magnetic Loft Records, and Elchrecords between 2013-18, as well as a 2015 full-length entitled Have a Drink with Great Revivers. The Great Revivers' latest Fnr 7-inch, "тутутру [Tuturu]" B/W "Ездок [Rider]" went on sale a mere seven days ago and has already, completely SOLD OUT. Shout-out to Skeme Richards AKA @hotpeasandbutta at Nostalgia King for initially, turning me onto this fine slice of groove-inducing Russian Library/Funk on shiny black wax!

However, Funk Night Records' head label designer, part-time DJ, and full-time "general record nrrrd" Matthew Manley (@therealmomanley) explains it as: "ESSENTIAL, drum-heavy Russian knock-out here; had me seein' Cyrillic when I came to. I don't know what The Great Revivers sipped on before putting down this two-sided beast, but if you drank it, too, you'd be benching 3x your weight, like, immediately." Manley likely designed, photographed, and arranged the "тутутру [Tuturu]" 45 sleeve and center label graphics and insists he "almost hates to see this one go out because it's been [his] secret weapon for a while." Matthew Manley characteristically continues: "A-side is the bonkers B-boy-friendly "Tuturu" and for me B-side wins again with what was my favorite cut of 2017, "Rider." Slays a floor in seconds; an instant upgrade to your box, designed by yours truly." While, as previously stated, The Great Revivers' "тутутру [Tuturu]" 45 is now, completely SOLD OUT from Fnr, limited copies are still, however, available from select digital and brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Discogs, Juno Records, and Great Revivers' own Bandcamp.

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