Tuesday, January 23, 2018

UncleRussie Assembles Dragon Ball Z-themed Trunks EP. Featuring Beats from Jumbled, Drew Scott, TEK.LUN & Action Bastard (self-released)

Baltimore-based producer and beat-maker UncleRussie describes his latest EP as "the follow-up to The Bulma Tape series, the Trunks EP. sequences and highlights various timelines of Trunks Brief - Past, Present & Future(?)" He's of course, referring to 2016's The Bulma Tape and The Bulma Tape: Side B from last year, a Hip-Hop/Anime trilogy, which will likely close with Trunks EP. successor #TheBulmaTape3. UncleRussie's Trunks EP. takes inspiration, as well as direct samples, and influence from Dragon Ball Z's "Future" Trunks, Androids, and Cell Sagas. UncleRussie single-handedly edited, arranged, and produced his Trunks EP. with assists throughout from beat-making buddies Action Bastard, Benjamin Banger, Bito Sureiya, Drew Scott, Jumbled, TEK.LUN, Swellthy, and UncleRussie himself. Trunks EP. features three sparse, yet fitting vocal assists from emcees Dot Com Intelligence, ONLY AKA @GwapSinatra, and El Hippie Moonbear on hidden/bonus track, "Jewel #6." I have to admit, my only exposure to Anime growing up was Pokemon and various Spider-Man mangas, but without knowing much about Dragon Ball Z, I still really enjoyed UncleRussie's Trunks EP.! The Bulma Tape, The Bulma Tape: Side B, and Trunks EP., as well as the rest of UncleRussie's discography, are currently able to stream and download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and like-minded digital platforms. Feel free to scroll down for a slightly more well-informed and in-depth Trunks EP./Dragon Ball Z breakdown from UncleRussie himself.

"So, the Trunks EP. is a recent installment of two previous releases, The Bulma Tape and The Bulma Tape: Side B. The concept was, initially, a fan appreciation project; like, an ode to Dragon Ball Z, specifically, Bulma Briefs. In my opinion, she's been a integral part of the series and plays a large part in moving the story forward. Trunks is the product of her and another character, Vegeta. The show, itself, is broken down into sagas. This tape takes different pages throughout several [sagas] to make a complete story. Trunks, basically, lives in a timeline where Androids have destroyed most of humanity and several fighters that were initially defenders of The Earth, including his friend and mentor, Gohan—son of show mascot and most recognizable Anime character, Goku. The tape starts from a period when Trunks is recovering from a recent battle with The Androids that ultimately, kills Gohan, which then, forces him to go back in time to warn the fighters of the present of what's coming. From there, various parts of the "Future" Trunks, Androids, and Cell Sagas are sampled and spliced between the tracks to give it a storybook narrative. It's important to note that The Bulma Tapes, basically, sets all these events in motion (i.e.: "Future" Trunks, Prologue, The Death of Gohan, etc.) This was supposed to be the third and final project in the "Bulma" series. Overall, it's a musical ode to two characters that I favor and are the most intriguing, in my opinion. They, being Trunks and Bulma, essentially, do what the powered-up good guys couldn't do in a last-minute effort to change the projectory of the world and [effectively], save it from [extinction]."

- UncleRussie (@PeaceRussie)

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