Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Beat-twisting Philly Producer Rolled Gold "Re-releases" 2016 SALTY EP As 3-track SALTY (3P) & Details 2018 Release Plans (@RolledGoldBeats)

Since we last heard from beat-twisting West Philly producer Rolled Gold here at The Witzard, it was when he and Philly emcee Uncle Crimson self-released their collaborative 2016 The Great Fallback EP. Rolled Gold producer Harry Metz quietly released a one-off single entitled "The Field" with a vocal assist from No Headliner in July 2017, as well as "Nite Owl's Theme" from The Nite Owls AKA Harry Metz and his cousin Nate Forman. The Nite Owls actually, formed in April 2016 and are being billed as a "Soul, Jazz, and soundtrack music duo," which also features contributions from musically-inclined friends Kavian Bina, Jonathan Vaders, and Ray Bailey. "This time around, me and my cousin are putting together a band that will do less Hip-Hop and more Soul, Jazz, and 1960-70's soundtrack music. I've linked up with a handful of Soul singers, as well to work with this year," Rolled Gold told The Key XPN back in 2016, upon the release of his SALTY EP, seemingly, alluding to The Nite Owls. Metz is actually, planning to re-release "Nite Owl's Theme" this upcoming Tuesday, February 20th with newly-added verses from emcees Ai-Que & Reef The Lost Cauze. Upon its initial release, SALTY EP was stylized as a compilation project showcasing 7-8 rappers hailing from Philly, The Bronx, Camden, NJ simply "talking sh*t" over seven dusty, sample-based beats.

This past Monday, February 12th @RolledGoldBeats Tweeted, "F**k it, just re-inventing my first compilation EP into a quick 3-song jawn now. Peep that #SALTY (3P) on Soundcloud, feat. @Ai_Que, @MrVisto, @thebulBEY & @UncleCrim." Essentially, Rolled Gold took his debut 2016 release and trimmed off a few tracks, re-branded it as "SALTY (3P)" and re-released it to the masses. When I reached out to Harry Metz for further commentary, he said, via email: "so, in the spirit of re-launching my brand this year, I figured I'd start promoting that project again as a quick 3-song EP for new listeners to digest easily and I know they'll like all 3 tracks." If you, much like myself, weren't exposed to Rolled Gold's SALTY EP when it was initially released in January 2016, now is the perfect time to re-visit Rolled Gold's Bluesy, Jazz-laden, and perfectly "sweet and salty" SALTY (3P.) I'm told Rolled Gold has a gaggle of upcoming projects currently in-the-works including, but not limited to, an as-yet-untitled album featuring Ai-Que & Reef The Lost Cauze, a Career Crooks remix with Wino Willy on Thieving As Long As I'm Breathing EP, an instrumental EP with 100% original samples, a joint EP with Boogieman Dela entitled Broken Watch Pt. 2, and an instrumental EP recorded with Wino Willy. Rolled Gold's recently re-packed and re-released SALTY (3P) is now available to stream or download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud; make sure to keep an eye out for The Nite Owls' "Nite Owl's Theme" (Rap Version) to be re-released this upcoming Tuesday, February 20th.

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