Thursday, February 22, 2018

CURTA Announce 4Digit-produced End of Future Park EP, Unveil "The Messiah Complex" Single & cars & trains FICTIONS TOUR 2018 (self-released)

Die-hard Hip-Hop heads and The Witzard's trusty devotees alike will recall: the last time we heard from Denver emcee CURTA, he and long-time producer 4Digit were preparing to release their CLICK BAIT EP on FilthyBroke Recordings/Hello L.A. Lest we forget, Philly Noir-Hop originator Zilla Rocca's re-contextualized and remixed version of CURTA's "Rap Trope Questionnaire" was premiered right here at The Witzard last March. Now, CURTA are back with their first single, "The Messiah Complex," lifted from upcoming EP End of Future Park slated to be self-released on Bandcamp this upcoming March 19th. "End of Future Park is named for a construction sign meant to indicate the point at which the City of Denver's proposed "future park" starts and ends," CURTA wrote within a recent press statement. "This sign is painted on an underpass pillar a few blocks from my home and small studio where we recorded the album," CURTA further elaborated. End of Future Park EP is again, entirely produced by frquent collaborator 4Digit and teeters into fresh sonic territory for CURTA, "bouncing synth lines and Experimental noise combine as the lush backdrop for tracks obsessively tweaked into coherence."

Not only is CURTA back with six "very sexy"-sounding tracks, Side B of End of Future Park EP will include 26 minutes of un-used instrumentals producer 4Digit created around the same time CURTA wrote the preceding six songs. "The Life of 4Digit Vol. 1," as they're referring to it on Bandcamp, is an entire mixed down instrumental "beat tape," which can seemingly, be enjoyed, re-contextualized, beefed up, and re-used however you (the listener) sees best fit. CURTA's End of Future Park EP is currently available for pre-order on Bandcamp in a number of multi-formatted packages: (1) standard digital album with high-quality MP3, FLAC, etc. download or (2) 100 limited edition "gold"-encrusted cassettes... while supplies last! Only lead-off single, "The Messiah Complex," is currently available for streaming, along with the pre-order; however, I've heard the full End of Future Park EP and can assure you, it's indeed, a solid, single-song representation of CURTA & 4Digit's impending "fresh sonic territory." CURTA is currently gearing up to embark on a 14-date West/Southwest FICTIONS TOUR 2018 along with Portland-based Electronic/Folk singer cars & trains, which will culminate with CURTA's triumphant End of Future Park EP Release Show 3/14 at Denver's Seventh Circle Collective.

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