Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Witzard Premier & Exclusive Stream: Petridisch Releases First of 2018 Philip Glass Re-interpretations - "GLASS: Music In Contrary Motion (for Farfisa, Synth & Vocaloid)"

Petridisch (@petridisch) describes himself as a "mainly Electronic music composer on the Darkwave side, who loves VOCALOID / sometimes plays a reverbed-out guitar" hailing from Boston. Petridisch is a mysterious creature, also know as Thor Maillet, who has issued a staggering 26 individual releases, since first launching his project on Bandcamp in 2015-16. Just in 2017, Petridisch released four full-length albums: Wired, Classical Vocaloid, Monolith, Split—re-released on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music as An Interrogation—and most recently, 358, as well as limited edition 358 VHS + CASSETTE + DIGITAL + DVD! combo-packs on Illuminated Paths, as well as a unique "video album" crafted in collaboration with Broken Machine Films Presents... However, Thor Maillet has personally, been making music since 1995 as part of various bands, collaborative projects, and solo endeavors, including, but not limited to, Cryostasium / Thor Maillet, CTM, Petridisch, and simply "Thor Maillet."

Petridisch's music is equally influenced by both, the works of Philip Glass and Mylène Farmer, as Thor Maillet says his general intent with his music it to "explore the greyer areas of the psyche with inevitable elements of light and humor." Petridisch's latest release, "GLASS: Music In Contrary Motion (for Farfisa, Synth & Vocaloid)" is a 15-minute re-interpretation of a 1969 work by American "minimalist" composer Philip Glass. It's just the first in an on-going series of GLASS re-interpretations to be released throughout 2018. "GLASS: Music In Contrary Motion" will be released on Petridisch's Bandcamp page on March 2nd and is currently available for pre-order, however, it's currently streaming EXCLUSIVELY here at The Witzard. In addition to his GLASS Project, Petridisch has a number of projects lined up for release during 2018: Rêve d'un Rêve to be released on cassette through Norwegian imprint Asura Revolver on Feb. 24th, Illuminated Paths cassette entitled Umjammer, and VIPER & Broken Machine Films Presents... upcoming album 'BOUT THA MONEY will feature "mastering by Thor," as well as a number of yet-to-be-announced projects. I'll just let Petridisch himself further explain "GLASS: Music In Contrary Motion (for Farfisa, Synth & Vocaloid)" down below the break.

"THE PROJECT: At least two larger-scale Philip Glass works to be re-interpreted for Electronic Farfisa organ and Vocaloid with sometimes, other parts added for texture, by myself—directed by published Philip Glass scores. Vol. 1 is a single, the 1969 work "Music In Contrary Motion," to be released March 2nd. Vol. 2 will be the large-scale 1975 work, "Another Look at Harmony, Part 4" to be released [in] either, April or May. Other works to be determined.

THE SINGLE: "GLASS: Music In Contrary Motion (for Farfisa, Synth & Vocaloid.)" This will be released, via Bandcamp, on March 2nd in lossless and other formats and also, through digital distribution outlets.

THE PIECE ITSELF: This piece was originally composed in 1969 by Philip Glass. The instrumentation is open, pretty much whatever you see fit. It consists of 23 scored sections, or "modules," that one plays through with a few repeats, before moving onto the next section. The number of repeats per section is flexible; I chose none to give it an ever-moving and maybe disconcerting "roller coaster ride" feel. If you listen to other recordings of the piece, most of the time, you will hear sections repeat. All the music is written "in contrary motion." This means that the upper line of the music moves in direct contrast to the lower line of the music—in the score—every note. There are only five notes in total in the piece (A, B, C, D, E,) as well! I imagine, it would be extremely hard for a human vocal ensemble to pull off what the robots pulled off in Vocaloid, but it was the very reason I chose this particular piece. I wanted to hear voices sing these amazingly convoluted parts!"

- Thor Maillet (@petridisch)

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