Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Height Keech Announces Self-produced New Album Computer Rocker & Unleashes First Single "Computer Rocker" (Cold Rhymes Records)

Height Keech is, in a lot of ways, if you really think about it, the "Bob Dylan" of Underground/Indie Hip-Hop; an extremely talented and well-respected solo artist, who plays well in groups, but doesn't really NEED one, oftentimes, produces records for himself and his friends, fosters and champions young talent, ages like a hearty whiskey, isn't afraid to collaborate, tours at a never-ending pace, and continually puts out solid, progressive music at an in-humanly fast rate. Also, much like Robert Zimmerman, Dan Keech has amassed quite a few AKA's to his name: Height, Height with Friends, Height Keech, Shark Tank, Bow n' Height, ialive & Height Keech, Wounds, and "John" Height. After effectively re-launching his long-time CD/CD-R imprint, Cold Rhymes Records, Height issued or had a hand in a staggering number of 2017 releases including, but not limited to: his own MIND MOVES THE MOUNTAIN, STRANGE LOOKS Bonus EP, Shark Tank's Dan's House, Jack Toft's We Can't Go Back Now: The Cold Rhymes Collection, TIMEWAVE ZERO with Philly emcee ialive, POWER MISSIONS: Selected Guest Spots, and Mister's MUSTARD (A Continuation), as well as his recently launched weekly-updated This Cold Rhymes Podcast. Cold Rhymes Records has a Height Keech-produced Speak N' Eye album entitled Cypher at The Gates of Dawn lined up for an unspecified Summer 2018 release and plans to issue additional volumes of Height's POWER MISSIONS: Guest Spot compilation series.

Despite having released three self-produced albums, a vinyl-only bonus EP, and a few compilations albums, Height is already back with his fourth full-length in nearly a year: Computer Rocker, which will be released on Cold Rhymes Records this upcoming April 30th. Computer Rocker was completely produced and mixed by Height, recorded by TIMEWAVE ZERO partner-in-rhyme, ialive—who sings on "Hell World's Here" and provides back-up vocals on "There's Many a Slip"—and Mister as a "Featured MC" throughout. "To me, Mister's heavy involvement is something that sets the album apart from my past records. We wanted to expand upon his single guest spot on MIND MOVES THE MOUNTAIN and have him get on throughout the album," Height Keech revealed to The Witzard, via email. "I was thinking about the dynamic between E-40 & B-Legit and how B-Legit was a constant presence on E-40 albums and almost more like a band mate. We wanted to have our duo tracks be the hardest bangers on the album and for him to tour with me this year, doing all those songs live," Height continued. Along with the announcement of Computer Rocker, Cold Rhymes also, released Height's skeletal bruiser of a single, "Computer Rocker," from the album, as well. Height has announced a 22-date West Coast tour in support of Computer Rocker with support from both Mister and ialive, who will also be DJ'ing each set. There's also, a Baltimore date this upcoming Thursday, March 8th at Metro Gallery with EPIC BEARD MEN AKA Sage Francis & B. Dolan in support of their Season 1 EP. *

* "Not part of the tour. Just a tight Baltimore show," as Height perfectly put it.

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