Thursday, March 8, 2018

King Krule Plays 8 Moon-rockin' The OOZ Cuts "Live On The Moon" In New Concert Film Ahead of 2018 TOUR (Directed By: Molten Jets)

Archy K.I. Marshall, better known as grizzly-voiced singer King Krule, uploaded a mysterious 31-minute video earlier this morning entitled "King Krule - Molten Jets - Live On The Moon;" accompanied by a rather cryptic Facebook caption, which reads, "Through Tereshkova's orbit and Kubrick's lens. Houston, we have a problem." Molten Jets are seemingly, a "MUSIC / FILM / FEMIDOM" collective and potentially, even a record label shrouded in mystery, who either directed "King Krule - Molten Jets - Live On The Moon," played alongside King Krule and his band "in orbit," or maybe even both. Molten Jets' Facebook Story reads: "We are the complete 900ยบ forward roll, firing hot jets of audio and video to your buds. Brace yourself for the next eruption." There are, however, comprehensive credits for what has already been described as a "KING-SIZE LUNAR ERUPTION" listed at It appears as though King Krule's band of musically-inclined "astronauts" for "Live On The Moon" features his current touring line-up of James Wilson, George Bass, Jack Towell, Connor Atanda, Ignacio Salvadores, and sax player John Keek. "Live On The Moon" consists of eight select Moon-rockin' cuts lifted from King Krule's 2017 sophomore album, The OOZ including "Dum Surfer," "The Locomotive," "Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver,)" "Logos," "Sublunary," "Lonely Blue," and "A Slide In (New Drugs.)" Shout-out to Pitchfork associate staff writer Braudie Blais-Billie for initially posting about "Live On The Moon." King Krule's The OOZ is now available on True Pather Sounds/Beggars Group/XL Recordings or wherever fine records and tapes are sold.

"Just 1 year on from an impulsive moment of entrapment, we flew King Krule to The Moon. The mission was tempestuous, but these brave troopers escaped the hazardous cloud of Moon dust alive with some smooth sounds that'll hopefully, one day, feature on a re-boot of Record Breakers, presented by Kriss Akabusi. Big thanks to XL Recordings, True Panther Sounds, The Mill, Theo Lalic, and everyone involved in this eruption. Here's solid proof of the first ever live album recorded on Lunar soil..."

- Molten Jets (@moltenjets)

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