Tuesday, March 27, 2018

VIPER & Broken Machine Films Presents... "Tha Hustle 'N Bustle O' Life" from Upcoming Album 'BOUT THA MONEY (Illuminated Paths)

VIPER is a Houston, Texas-based "Entrepreneur, Rapper, Pianist, PhD In Business (In 2019), U.S.A. Licensed Real Estate Broker (In 2018), Alcor Life Extension Member, 5-9 Piru Member." While VIPER has been producing his own music childhood, he first gained notoriety online amongst Underground Rap circles in 2008 with You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack. VIPER would soon, garner wide-spread praise, as well as comparisons to like-minded outsider artists and fellow Internet phenoms Lil B & Wesley Willis. Pigeons & Planes reports that VIPER released a staggering 333 albums in 2014 alone—in addition to 262+ more albums in 2015—all of which are available to stream on Spotify; last year, VIPER affiliated himself with equally prolific Florida tape label Illuminated Paths, together, properly re-releasing his albums Tha Top Malla, MY GHOST ARMY, COPS CAN'T READ, and A Hustler's Life on limited edition cassette tapes. Illuminated Paths (IP) is an imprint run by audio/visual artist, producer, and documentarian Josh Rogers AKA Broken Machine Films Presents... Mr. Rogers recently submitted a remix for The Witzard's Andy Cooper "THE PERFECT DEFINITION" Remix Comp. Soundcloud playlist.

Broken Machine Films Presents... has been meticulously constructing and banking multi-layered samples since 2002; "he's created over 30 albums utilizing only vintage equipment and medium and practicing the art of cassette-to-cassette manipulation." Since the 2017 IP re-release of COPS CAN'T READ, VIPER & Broken Machine Films Presents... have been teasing a collaborative album entitled 'BOUT THA MONEY with production work entirely composed by Mr. Rogers. Touted as the "first of its kind fusion crossover of Vaporwave & Hip-Hop," Illuminated Paths will tentatively release 'BOUT THA MONEY on 4/20. Illuminated Paths explains, it will be "LIMITED TO 100 BITCOIN CHROME-COLORED CASSETTE SHELLS AND DOUBLE-SIDED GLOSSY ARTWORK. FIRST 50 COME WITH BONUS ALBUM INSTRUMENTALS MIXTAPE (IP-425b) AND MINI-LEGO CASSETTE." VIPER & Broken Machine Films Presents... 'BOUT THA MONEY has been preceded by a couple teaser releases including 4-track Tha Money $AMPLER EP and "Tha Hustle 'N Bustle O' Life" single featuring unmixed and unmastered versions of the single, its companion instrumental, and "Find Me In Tha Hustle" [Early Uncut Version].

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