Monday, April 23, 2018

3 Feet High & Rising: Portland's Bloodmoney Perez & B!LLY WH?T Join Forces to Form Hip-Hop Duo Bouquet of Bones (Damn That Noise Music)

Bouquet of Bones (@wearebouquet) are a Portland-bred rapper/producer duo in the same vein as Jaylib, Run The Jewels, Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman, Career Crooks, and their like-minded peers; consisting of the tag-team lyrical assault that is Bloodmoney Perez & B!LLY WH?T, Bouquet of Bones recently unveiled their inaugural release, "Sonic Truth" B/W "Flex Pistols." "@wearebouquet is a new group aiming to deliver gritty, sonically thick Hip-Hop throughout the remainder of the foreseeable future," Bouquet of Bones wrote Instagram post teasing their 4/20 debut release on Damn That Noise Music. Bloodmoney Perez (@DrBloodmoney) & B!LLY WH?T (@_murn_) list their collective interests as beat-making, writing rhymes, and drinkin' beer. "Sonic Truth" has been billed as both a mini-EP and 1990's-evoking maxi-single backed with "Flex Pistols" on Side B. Bouquet of Bones attained a neck-snapping instrumental from long-time friend and fellow rapper-producer Blu for "Sonic Truth," as well as a "rugged-as-f**k" verse from Tomorrow Kings & War Church emcee SKECH185 for Bloodmoney Perez-produced B-side "Flex Pistols."

It seems as though "Sonic Truth" B/W "Flex Pistols" was merely a call-to-arms, as Bouquet of Bones write within a press statement: "the maxi-single is just the beginning for the duo in 2018." Bloodmoney Perez & B!LLY WH?T vehemently "promise to deliver another maxi-single, again, assisted by Blu on production, with B!LLY WH?T handling the sonic canvas." Following Bouquet of Bones' second maxi-single will be their untitled debut album coming this summer, which "will be filled with every bit of fire, dedication, and swagger that the forefathers demanded of a gifted emcee." Bouquet of Bones promise a slew of expectedley neck-snapping releases to be dropped throughout 2018, including, but not limited to, various group and solo releases, namely, Bloodmoeny Perez's upcoming solo album TIME IS A MOTHERF*CKER co-produced by Messiah Musik coming out 6/29 on Damn That Noise Music with features from Curly Castro (Grift Company,) Sleep Sinatra, and MCF. "Sonic Truth" B/W "Flex Pistols" is now available to stream or purchase from Bandcamp, Spotify, and like-minded digital retailers across the Hip-Hop-loving Internet.

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