Friday, April 6, 2018

Violin-driven Philly Soul-Punk Trio The Deadeyes Re-surface with Double A-side Digital Single "No More Later / Narco" (Paddy Wax Records)

Ever wonder what a "screaming violin" haphazardly nestled atop a feverish medley of "scorching guitars" and a pummeling drum/rhythm section filtered through a Punk/Hardcore lens might sound like? If so, look no further than Philly-based 3-piece band, The Deadeyes. Consisting of violinist John Coursey, vocalist and guitar player Patrick McHugh, and drummer David McMullin, The Deadeyes play a unique brand of violin-driven, Soul-tinged Punk that's been fittingly described as if "The Black Keys had a love child with [Nick Cave &] The Bad Seeds." The Deadeyes' members have previously played with long-standing underground group Grubstake, as well as High Hearts, The Mikroknytes, and McHugh & McMullin's hilariously-named 90's college band, Connie Chung. John Coursey, Patrick McHugh & Dave McMullin have collectively played gigs in support of classic Punk bands such as The Dead Milkmen, Dean "Clean" Sabatino's Milkmen side-project I Think Like Midnight, Dischord Records' Alarms & Controls, Cheap Dinosaur, and many more. The Deadeyes' next scheduled show is June 16th at Jerry's On Front (2341 N Front St. Philadelphia, PA 19133) with PLOT.

"THE DEADEYES COME OUT OF HIBERNATION ARMED WITH TWO TRACKS," reads an assertive emailed press statement I recently received from Philly-based cloud entertainment. Double A-side single "No More Later / Narco" is actually, The Deadeyes' first proper studio-recorded release since their 2014 debut, Demonstrationals and Remixes recorded with Hop Along's Joe Reinhart at North Philadelphia studio, The Headroom. I would personally, equate The Deadeyes' sound harnessed on "No More Later / Narco" as reminiscent of Rock "N" Roll-indebted Slovenian-Croatian duo 2CELLOS meets frenzied Seattle Indie Rockers Modest Mouse. "'No More Later" pulls together a lot of very primitive smashing rhythms and a stripped down arrangement that pulls influences from Ty Segall and Sonic Youth, though, it's not meant to be recognizable anymore," Patrick McHugh said. "Lyrically, I borrowed ideas from Soul songs to mash-up dance moves and paranoid behavior, hopefully, it'll resonate on both of those levels!" However, "'Narco," on the other hand, is a sneering Punk ballad taking inspiration from likes of The Ramones, The Dirtbombs, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and The Replacements. "This one is a lot of fun to sing, definitely, has a sense of humor to it," says McHugh. The Deadeyes' "No More Later / Narco" is currently available to stream or purchase from the band's Bandcamp for $2 USD or more FREE download, along with the rest of their violin-driven discography.

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