Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Like Elvis, They Film Him from The Waist Up:" Andy Cooper Returns with Kid-friendly "Do The AndyPuppet" Video (Rocafort Records)

"I asked AndyPuppet to appear in the "Rock Rock" video and to be honest, I found him far more entertaining than myself," Long Beach rapper-producer Andy Cooper replied when The Witzard asked where his inspiration for "Do The AndyPuppet" came from. "Since that point, I've featured him in a few other videos and it's pretty obvious that he's a natural super-star, so I decided it would be smart to acknowledge his greatness with a track. If you listen to "layers upon layers" (the LP mega-mix) you can hear AP make his microphone debut, as he and I cover [Masta Ace's] Rap classic, "Me & The Biz"' Cooper enthusiastically continued. I first got acquainted with Andy's music late last year, when Flea Market Funk premiered BlabberMouf-assisted "Here Comes Another One" from his then-unreleased album, the layered effect. Many of you might recognize Andy Cooper's name from his critically-acclaimed work with Ugly Duckling, The Allergies, and Djar One or even these very pages of The Witzard; leading up to the layered effect, I was lucky enough to conduct and publish a comprehensive interview with Andy Cooper himself.

Soon after, I was inspired by Andy's "Here Comes Another One" B/W "The Perfect Definition" digital '12-inch' complete with instrumental and acapella stems, as well as Bonus Beats. I reached out to a slew of past collaborators, beat-makers, and online Friends to coordinate The Witzard's Andy Cooper "THE PERFECT DEFINITION" Remix Comp. Soundcloud Playlist, which featured original submissions from Naturetone, Djar One, Broken Machine Films Presents... Dros, Mike East, UncleRussie, and Getro. Following behind "Here Comes Another One," "Can't Be Satisfied," and "Last of a Dying Breed," his Daniel Ruczko-directed "Do The AndyPuppet" is the fourth video culled from last year's Rocafort Records released the layered effect. "Do The AndyPuppet" is a kid-friendly song and video that's been self-described on YouTube as: "AndyPuppet's skyrocket ride to world-wide fame wasn't everything he thought it would be but, fortunately, and despite his deepening sadness, he developed a fun new dance along the way." Andy Cooper's the layered effect is currently available for purchase in a multitude of packages and formats from Barcelona/Switzerland-based imprint Rocafort Records.

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