Tuesday, September 10, 2019

KID ACNE Triumphantly Returns with "CREST OF A WAVE" Feat. NOSAJ from New Kingdom & Spectacular Diagnostics (Lex Records)

KID ACNE is a UK-based artist, illustrator, print-maker, and emcee. Many of you may recognize KID ACNE's name from Part II our recent Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 30th Anniversary All-around Breakdown, AKA #PB30. KID ACNE submitted a blurb on Track 12. "What Comes Around" and supplied original artwork from Beck's Music Inspired Art series. "CREST OF A WAVE" is KID ACNE's first release, under his own name, since 2007's Romance Ain't Dead (LP) & Romance Ain't Beats (EP.) He has, of course, issued a number of releases since Romance Ain't Dead/Beats as MONGRELS with beat-maker Benjamin "Benjamin" Hatton, including 2016's critically-acclaimed Attack The Monolith. "CREST OF A WAVE" features New Kingdom emcee NOSAJ, as well as Westside Gunn, Vic Spencer & Conway producer Spectacular Diagnostics "behind the boards." It's the first official offering from KID ACNE's upcoming fourth studio album, HAVE A WORD, which will be released on Lex Records sometime this Fall on Friday, November 8, 2019.

HAVE A WORD will, also, boast appearances from Juice Aleem, Juga-Naut, Sebash & NEW KINGDOM, as well as aforementioned collaborators NOSAJ and full-album producer Spectacular Diagnostics. KID ACNE's "CREST OF A WAVE" single was released along with a companion grainy, old school-reminiscent music video directed by Tom Sykes & SevenPoints.Uk. HAVE A WORD: An Exhibition of Lyrics & Typography will, also, run concurrently with the release of HAVE A WORD (the album) and will be on display at 1 Norwich St, Park Hill, Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England from September 13-28th. "The aim of the exhibition is to connect the dots through the exploration of lyrics and lettering, utilising limited resources and a more D.I.Y. mindset," KID ACNE explained within a statement. HAVE A WORD will soon become available for pre-order directly from Lex Records. Scroll Down for KID ACNE & NOSAJ's previous collaboration, MONGRELS PRESENT: NEW KINGDOM - Paradise Don't Come Cheap 20TH ANNIVERSARY MIX from 2017.

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