Sunday, October 23, 2011


Completed and released just the other day (Sat-Sun. night), after a Tiger Blood-fueled 11-hour final recording session... Zombie Gang's landmark release: The Hair & The Hather is not unlike Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). A division of the larger group, Awkward Silence is moderately comparable to Method Man & Redman. To be honest, my opinion is slightly skewed because Dylan A.K.A. "Dolla" and Pauly Patey are a couple of my buddies; But this mixtape is a great introduction to the crew - Housing features from the likes of James Vagabond, Squid, KiD CuDi, and Joe NO Say.
Sound-wise, I'm reminded of The Cool Kids, Lil B, Atmosphere, Odd Future, Asher Roth, and early Beastie Boys. After a few complete listens, a few of my early favourites are "Swedish Fish" [UP], "Fer'shur" [DOWN], and "In for The Roux." In a nutshell, the sum of their amassed Greatest Hits can be described as: Cold Hard Hip-Hop, Anti-Auto-Tune, BOOM Bap, fun, sunshine, Jazz, excess, Pokémon, slow burner, Pop Radio sample(s), and La Roux. Other tracks of note include: "Little Fancy Pizzas," "Extortion" (Zombie Gang Bang), and "Kittens." - one of Dolla Dylan's personal favourites.

Sir Dylan Sutherland: "Download this if you need something to listen to before making love, eating at a buffet, trapping, or doing hard coke: The Hair and The Hather... Tell your moms, neighbors, bestfriends, boyfriends or girlfriends & whoever they're cheating on you with #ZOMBIE GANG! _ In addition, physical CD copies are currently being produced [printed], sold, and distributed throughout the Tri-State Area @ about $3 a piece. I can personally assure you that Zombie Gang have a lot of great shit nearing completion! Keep up to date on all the latest ZG Buzz with Facebook Newsfeed... local Jersey/Philly shows TBA shortly!

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  1. Dope write up. I'm stoked to be a part of all of this. Congrats to my partners Doffa and Pauly. Zombie Gang circa 199NEVER.