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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can't Buy a Thrill: The Stepkids & Kyle Mooney - "Moving Pictures" (Stones Throw)

Rising comedian Kyle Mooney is one of the latest additions to a recently-gutted SNL, after a few long-time cast members made their final departure(s) last season; Director Henry Demaio recently pre-cast Mooney in his latest music video creation, "Moving Pictures," which itself is pulled from The Stepkids' second album recorded for Stones Throw, Troubadour (Sept. 9-10th). It's a mildly trippy affair, fittingly outfitted with plenty of real-life moving pictures, as the cameraman slowly pans across various scenarios. The Stepkids seemingly used green screens to their full advantage and were able yo "travel" to sun-soaked beaches, an awkward house-party with a kiddie pool, various city streets and sidewalks, an ever-changing trendy beach/desert party, and a giant-joint rolling super-science lab. Now, on a purely sonic level, "Moving Pictures" is really what we've grown to expect from The Stepkids: a seamless hybrid of cheesy Yacht Rock-inspired sounds, with a Hip-Hop edge, some Soul-Funk for good measure, and Steely Dan-esque rhythms! Troubadour is now available online, digitally, and physically, while SNL's staggering 39th season (2013-14) starts on September 28th; Lorne Michaels has recruited show alum Tina Fey on hosting duties and musical guest, Arcade Fire for the show's season premier next weekend.

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