Monday, April 7, 2014

MTV true life, jersey shore: Party Supplies - "4 More Months 2 Go" (non-album track)

Since unleashing their Fool's Gold debut upon the terribly unsuspecting world-wide web this past August, Party Supplies have released four non-album tracks to Soundcloud, which are now available for FREE download. It's unclear as to where they'll appear; quite possibly Fool's Gold's rumored CD/LP re-issue of Party Supplies' self-described "greatest album in rock n roll history," Tough Love. Blue Chips #1-2 beat-maker Justin Nealis, along with newly-recruited second member Sean Mahon, uploaded a new track titled "4 More Months 2 Go" to Soundcloud about five days ago. Not unlike their other recent records, "4 More Months 2 Go" could be best described as vaguely Adult Contemporary-leaning Neo-Classic Rock mixed with mild Disco undertones or as @xpartysuppliesx recently described in 140 characters or less, "our sound is something like a cross [between] tommy bahama and mtv true life: jersey shore." I'm just guessing here, but judging by the title, "4 More Months 2 Go" could very well be alluding to July... what many see as the last hoorah of summer or even Independence Day (July 4th). Justin Nealis & Sean Mahon uploaded a brief web-statement Monday afternoon, which further clarified, "to make this song, we started by slightly interpolating and looping an instrumental section of Andrew Gold's 1977 hit song "Lonely Boy." This loop became a platform for us to explore what is now this song. Please enjoy and all respect due to the songwriter Andrew Gold and his family. RIP Andrew Gold." Regardless of where it's destined to eventually end up, "4 More Months 2 Go" is currently available for download over at Party Supplies' Soundcloud page, along with recent FREEBIES "(Searching for) A Crazy Love," my personal favourite "Security," and "Danny Boy." While he's proven time and time again that he can rap on almost any beat, I'd really love to hear fellow Blue Chips partner-in-crime Action Bronson rap on some more crazy outlandish-sounding Party Supplies beats like this; and maybe we will, if that rumored cross-genre "Jericho" project ever actually comes to fruition!

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