Monday, December 17, 2018

How Warzone Drummer Eric "E.K." Komst Ended Up On New Kids On The Block's "This One's for The Children" (REVHQ FUN FACT Re-print)

December 14, 2018: "Last week, we told you about the 80's boy band New Kids On The Block having recorded at Syncro Sound in Boston, a studio with a clients list that boasted notable Hardcore acts, such as Bad Brains, Wrecking Crew, etc. but there's another Hardcore connection to NKOTB that goes back even further than their recordings at the famed studio, but this time by way of one specific NYHC drummer.

Eric Komst, better known in Hardcore circles as just "E.K." played drums for legendary Hardcore band Warzone on their 1988 LP, Open Your Eyes and their self-titled follow-up LP in 1989 and later, did time in Sick of It All, recording on their We Stand Alone 7-inch in 1991; but years before, he was playing in NYHC bands, E.K. was living in Boston and playing drums in a band called Miracle Boy all the way back in 1983. Miracle Boy featured a 13-year-old E.K. on drums and none other than Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block on guitar and vocals. The group was rounded out by a friend of E.K.'s named Kevin Cradock with the trio playing numerous shows around the Boston area before eventually disbanding.

And we can now confirm the long-standing rumor that "the drummer of Warzone played for New Kids On The Block," as it was this childhood friendship with Jordan Knight that led to E.K. playing drums on the song "This One's for The Children" on the NKOTB holiday album from 1989, Merry, Merry Christmas. This also, gives further explanation to Jordan Knight's older brother, Jonathan, wearing a Youth of Today T-shirt in the New Kids On The Block "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" video. Special thanks to E.K. for the help this week!"

December 7, 2018: "We've mentioned that 80's group New Kids On The Block had worked with Hardcore/Punk producer Tom Soares at Normandy Sound, a studio that recorded bands, such as Mission of Burma, Leeway, Cro-Mags, Sick of It All, Killing Time, Judge, and more, but that wasn't the only time the boy band shared the same recording space with bands from the Hardcore/Punk scene.

While NKOTB's debut, Hangin' Tough, lists Normandy Sound as a recording location, the band ended up doing some work at Syncro Sound in Boston on their Christmas album in 1989 and their LP, Step By Step in 1990. Syncro Sound, of course, was run by Ric Ocasek from 70's Rock band The Cars and was the recording location for a good number of HC & Punk bands itself, including Bad Brains, Ministry, Wrecking Crew, Eye for An Eye, and others. On a side note, the old Syncro Sound location is just a stone's throw away from legendary HC/Punk store Newbury Comics' namesake (Newbury Street) location."

- RevHQ (@RevelationRecs)

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