Tuesday, December 4, 2018

MENORAH MASHUPS: crazy chanukah mixes & mashups (a dj BC compilation) Featuring dj BC, DJ Flack, FAROFF, ATOM & Voicedude

dj BC is a notorious Atlanta-based/Boston-bred mash-up artist, DJ, and producer known "on the streets" as Bob Cronin. He's the resident DJ for fellow Bostonians Big D & The Kids Table and is likely, best-known for his three Beastles (The Beatles & Beastie Boys) mash-up albums: 2004's The Beastles, 2006's Let It Beast, and most recently, 2013's ILL SUBMARINE. In fact, the latter was most recently re-issued for the very first time on super-limited edition tape for Cassette Store Day 2018. Sunday evening, for the first night of Hanukkah, "dj BC's super-group" TheBeastles @letitbeast's Instagram page posted a seasonally appropriate Yellow Submarine menorah with the tantalizing caption: "#HappyHanukkah from The Beastles! @mcaday #beatles #beastieboys @realdjbc check out dj BC's Chanukah album - link in bio!" Soon after, dj BC himself messaged me with a link to his 2015 compilation, MENORAH MIXES: crazy chanukah mixes & mashups. Keeping in line with The Beatles/Beastie Boys & Hanukkah theme, below, you'll hear "So What'cha Want" (Israeli Radio Promo) a hidden track from The Beasties' 1995 Root Down EP credited to then-Israeli radio DJ and emcee "Eyal (Deep) Friedman" AKA Quami De-La Fox.

Although, I had, somehow, never heard of MENORAH MIXES, it appears as though it's just one of Bob Cronin's many festive-themed releases; past stocking stuffers include SANTASTIC I-IX, a very Re:Composition CHRISTMAS By dj BC, and Big D & The Kids Table's Wicked Hardcore Christmas, which are currently all available to stream or download on Christmash.com. MENORAH MASHUPS' Soundcloud page readily lists its unleavened ingredients, AKA samples, as: "Frank Yankovic & His Yanks, Gwen Stefani, House of Pain, Frank Zappa, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Pa Brapad, several iterations of "The Dreidel Song," several iterations of "Hava Nagila," South Park, a dash of Chingy, Three Weissmen, Craig & Co. Alan Sherman, Pudie Tadow, and two seconds of Black Eyed Peas." In addition to not one, but TWO versions of dj BC's 2011 smash-hit, "Challahback Girl," MENORAH MASHUPS features Hanukkah re-works from like-minded mash-up artists DJ Flack, FAROFF, ATOM, and Voicedude. A seemingly newly re-upped version of MENORAH MASHUPS features 8 tracks—one for each night of Hanukkah!—as well as an extra track, for good measure, dj BC's Gwen Stefani-flipping "Challahback Girl" - Original Instrumental (A Hava Nagila Remix.) Happy Hanukkah from The Witzard, B-boys & B-girls!!!

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