Thursday, October 21, 2010


- Every year around this time, when the cold weather rolls around, I start to listen to "Summertime Music." Through the Winter, right up until Summer. This year, the Most Frequently Played is El Guincho. Pablo Díaz-Reixa just released his new album, "Pop Negro," under his AKA. I just got a copy of the LP last week. From what I can gather, the loose "concept" of the album is - Pablo making the Greatest Hits for an imaginary musical style, also serving as the album's title (which roughly translates to "Black Octopus" in Catalan).
Pablo delved back into the history of Pop(ular) Music. Realizing that a good amount of the big hit singles made use of the same producers and engineers. The record was crafted using many of the styles, techniques, instruments... It's like a cheat sheet to Pop Music. Oh, and it's all in Spanish; But that's the beauty of Pop, it transcends boundaries. Makes you like things you don't realize/understand.

Track 1, "Bombay" Video-Single/Pelicula Trailer
Expect to see the Bombay movie in 2011.

"FM Tan Sexy" feat. Pablo's surfer bro cuzes!

And check out the rest of "Pop Negro" in this here nifty little player.
YT047 - El Guincho - Pop Negro by Young Turks
I've been diggin' Track 3 and Track 5 (the R&B slow jam) lately.

* Surf through some audio/visuals of Pablo's influences here:

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