Friday, October 29, 2010

Twin Shadow

George Lewis, Jr. is "Twin Shadow." He makes Electronic music with synths, guitars, and drum machines. His debut album, Forget, was just released on Terrible (Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear's record label). I bought a digital version of it during a Limited Time Sale for $1. It's worth that, and much more! [I heard that the album has moved 1,000 units since Sept. 28.] At times, George's voice reminds me of Smiths-era Morrissey. The music has a very DIY '80's feel to it; But at the same time, it sounds fresh and innovative.
Rough Trade (UK) is issuing a version of Forget along with a bonus disc. It's their Albums Club "Album of the Month" for Oct. The Rough Trade Bonus Disc version includes basically every other Twin Shadow track that's floating around - Remixes, collaborations, and B-sides. Both discs are definitely worth checking out!

The "Slow" video is a rip off/homage of some racy '90's Calvin Klein ads.

Surfer Blood Remix, from the Floating Vibes 7."

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