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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Thriller" Movie?

Figured it'd be cool to post this as a little Halloween "Treat" and as a Tribute to Mike.
So, in honor of the holiday and the legend - Here it is, "THRILLER!!!"

It really is a classic short-film (music video)! So much so, that there are rumblings of it being made into a feature-length film. Sounds like Mike's choreographer Kenny Ortega ("This Is It," "High School Musical") is in line to direct. The project will reportedly have a $50 million budget, along with a script penned by "Hangover" screenwriter, Jeremy Garelick. Supposedly the plot will stay true to the song's folklore, and follow a storyline that would incorporate aspects of Vincent Price's childhood town. Price was the Narrator/Voice-Over "Rapper" of the original 1983 clip. Let's hope the project gets the "green light" from the Jackson family... Because the ideas sound pretty solid!

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