Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Richie Records Presents: SPACIN' - "Deep Thuds EP" (Illadelph Half-life?)

Yeah, I basically drafted up a few terms and then coined one, "Neo-Classical Psych Rock," to help better describe SPACIN's particularly unique, noisy sound. It's members all hailing from Philly, the band's sound seems like a by-product of Hardcore Punk and Noise/Garage Rock. SPACIN' is fronted by Jason Killinger and it's kinda a side project of his old band, Birds of Maya; In the studio, he's joined by Paul Sukeena, Sean Hamilton, and his wife Eva on guitar/bass/drums (respectively) on their righteous Richie Records debut, Deep Thuds EP... I think it'd be safe to assume that SPACIN' are influenced by guys like Iggy & The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, Ty Segall, and Pixies. While they've only unleashed roughly 8-10 tracks, SPACIN' really managed to effectively display a colorful, wide variety of styles on Deep Thuds: Psychedelic Rock, Noise Rock, riff-heavy Rock "N" Roll, Power Pop, Post-Punk, Garage Rock, etc. Midheaven Mailorder recently started re-pressing and selling copies of Deep Thuds for $6-13, complete with Rolling Stones tongue-less covert art.

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